June 2021

Mutations in Maastricht The Netherlands. Good news and bad news. An institution closes its doors, but in a few weeks another institution opens its doors in Maastricht, a city in the Southern tip of The Netherlands

Sigarenmagazijn Otten

In 1911, the Otten family opened the doors to their sigarenmagazijn (cigar warehouse) in the stationsstraat in Maastricht. And now, 110 years later, the shop is no more. The current owner, Wum Otten, is retiring and with no successor in sight, he had no other option. Last month he closed the doors to his small and cozy store. Maastricht, and the Dutch cigar scene, lost an icon. Not just the shop, but Wum himself was a special man, a character who spoke many languages and had the memory of an elephant. He knew exactly who smoked what and was always capable to give the right advice. Wum ran the shop for more than 50 years.

Besides cigars, cigarettes, and rolling tobacco, Otten had special machine-made cigars just for his shop. These cigars, Wotjes, have quite a reputation in The Netherlands. People would travel far to buy them at the shop. These cigars, made by the last remaining cigar manufacturer in Limburg, The Netherlands, are now available at three other stores in The Netherlands. De Oude Tijd in Utrecht, Primera Wouters in Weert, and St. Mathias in Maastricht

Ministry of Cigars - Mutations in Maastricht The Netherlands
Wum Otten in his walk-in humidor

Van Dalen Cigars

In a few weeks, a new shop will open in Maastricht. As a stone throw away from Sigarenmagazijn Otten and the La Casa del Habano Maastricht. It is the sixth Van Dalen Cigars shop in The Netherlands. But Van Dalen owner Sasja van Horssen isn’t opening this shop by himself. It is a joint venture. Father and son Wil & Tom Winkelman team up with Van Horssen for the shop. And that can only be a winning combination.

Wil Winkelman opened Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven in 1982. And even though Eygelshoven is a very small town, people found their way to his shop. About a decade ago, his son Tom joined the family business. With his energy and love for premium handmade cigars, Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven became one of the top stores for these kinds of products in the province of Limburg. The father & son team even built a cigar lounge at the back of their small shop.

Now they join forces with Van Horssen, a major player in the Dutch cigar industry. With his import and distribution company Longfiller Company, he supplies the market with the most important brands from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. And he also owns the Cigaragua flagship store in Amsterdam besides the Van Dalen Cigars shops in Den Bosch, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. He is also a partner in the recently opened Van Dalen Cigars Groningen shop. 


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