Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

A&G Mourtides is the brand of father and son team Georgios and Anastasios Mourtides, two Greek cigar aficionados with a long history in tobacco. A long history as their forefathers were tobacco growers in the Caucasus in the 19th century, employing over fifty families before political and economic turmoil drove the family out of the tobacco trade.

In the late 1990s, the father & son team started talking about their own brand. They visited Central America, learning all about tobacco growing, fermenting, aging, blending and rolling. In 2007, their dream became truth when they started making their A&G Mourtides brand in Honduras.

The company has four regular production lines in the portfolio but has released several limited edition cigars in the past. The regular lines are the series LF, the series SF, the series Patron, and the series Gold. All of the lines are made in Honduras at an undisclosed factory. The latest limited was released two months ago, we failed to report on that but since the cigars are so cool, we decided to dedicate an article about them anyway.

Ministry of Cigar Mourtides

Meet the Ivera Edicion Limitada 2017. These 7×60 figurados are pieces of art. The filler and binder are Honduran, the wrappers are a Connecticut Shade and a Maduro wrapper from Honduras. Not Connecticut or Maduro, but Connecticut and Maduro. This cigar isn’t a barber pole cigar, but pure cigar art with a dual wrapper. Now there is a choice for Maduro or Connecticut though, as there are two versions. The Maduro version has a Maduro wrapper base with Connecticut shade details, where the Connecticut version has Maduro details.

The cigars are for sale in Greece and have a price of €11,50. The cigars come in boxes of twenty-five cigars. Only 2500 cigars were produced, 100 boxes of 25.

Ministry of cigars Mourtides Ivera

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