October 2020

More on the Fuente Padron collaboration. Last Saturday these two iconic brands broke the internet. The cigar news of the year, or maybe even the cigar news of the decade. The flagship brands for their respective countries are releasing a collaboration project. A project to honor the previous generation, Jose Orlando Padron and Carlos Fuente Sr.

In the weekly Fuente & Meerapfel present: meet the Professor Vodcast, Jorge (George) Padron and Carlos Carlito Fuente jr went into a little more detail. Details on how the project was initiated. What the idea behind the collaboration is, and how deep the ties between Padron and Fuente are

The idea

Over the last few years, Jorge Padron and Carlito Fuente have been spending lots of time together. Meeting after meeting with the CRA. With lawyers, with politicians. All to fight against pending legislation. To avoid legislation that will kill the cigar industry, that will kill the heritage. Legislation that will erase centuries of tobacco history. And even though the reason for spending so many hours together is doom and gloom, those hours are always pleasant and filled with respect for each other.

Jorge Padron says that even though Tabacalera Fuente y Cia is much larger than Padron cigars, the company is the same in essence. Both companies have the same approach to people and business. Both Padron and Fuente are what they are today due to the high and strong characters of the previous generation. Carlito Fuente explains that their fathers did not spend a lot of time together, but when they saw each other you could feel unspoken respect. Fuente says “you could sense that both of them looked at each other and thought ‘This motherfucker is bad-ass.’”. 

Ministry of Cigars - More on the Fuente Padron collaboration


After one of the meetings, Padron asked Fuente to have a glass of Scotch. He had two options, Chivas 18 and Haig Pinch, the favorite scotches of their respective fathers. The subject of making a cigar for each other came up and both felt it is something they have to do. To give an example to their families that it’s not about just making a cigar. And to show the world that the cigar industry is a family-run industry.

Padron continues “I will work my ass off to make the best cigar that I can. It is a great responsibility to create a cigar in honor of Carlos Fuente Sr. I an humbled by the respect, that the Fuente family allows me to do this.”. Fuente continues that he feels the same, that is what their fathers taught them. Demonstrating love, paying tribute, and planting seeds for the next generation. This project is for the future, it is destiny, very powerful Fuente says.


While the conversation on Fuente & Meerapfel present: meet the professor continues with memories of times gone by, some funny anecdotes pass. But it is a serious project. Padron recognizes that and says “we talk a mean game, we need to step up to the plate now. But fear is good!”. That’s when Fuente explains that fear is his motivation. The fear of letting his father down, the fear of letting the family down drives him to be better every single day. Padron says this cigar will be a homer.

Fuente continues that he’s blending this cigar with Jose Orlando Padron in mind. That he’s not blending the cigar for himself. This is the cigar that he thinks would get a “this is not a bad cigar” comment from Jose Padron. That makes Jorge smile. “My father never gave compliments, if you did good, you didn’t hear anything. His silence was a compliment.” “Fuente says that the smoke of these two cigars will travel up to heaven and hug their fathers. He also says “this is not just a cigar, this is a total package. It is something unique with so much pride. It commemorates the present, the past, and the future.”

Ministry of Cigars - More on the Fuente Padron collaboration

Paying tribute to more than fathers

During the Vodcast, both men pay tribute to their mothers. Flori Padron and Anna Louisa Fuente. These two strong women were always backing their husbands and are the backbones of the families. Jorge Padron remembers that he was a little kid and his father used to go to Nicaragua 30 days in a row. His mother never complained and made everything work. Carlito shares the same sort of memories. His father would often sleep at the factory, so his mother would bring Carlito and the other children to the factory to be with their father. Both women are the shining example of the saying that behind every strong man, there is a strong woman.

If you missed the Fuente & Meerapfel present: meet the professor with Jorge Padron and you would like to hear the story from the big men themselves? Don’t worry. The video is available on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel and learn more on the Fuente Padron collaboration.

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