April 2020

More Nicaraguan cigar factories close down temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, seven factories opted to close the doors voluntarily and temporarily. Three other factories followed their lead as well.

Tabacalera Aragon

The first factory to close the doors for a month is Tabacalera Aragon. This small but reputable factory is known as the factory of Jas Sum Kral. A few days after the announcement of Jas Sum Kral owner Riste Ristevski, six other factories followed. And not the least of them. Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, Nicaraguan American Cigars SA (NACSA) followed. Just as Nic Sueño (RoMa Craft), Tabacos de Jalapa SA (TABSA), and Mombacho’s Casa Favilli.

The three new factories that can be added to the list are not the least. Fabrica Oveja Negra from Black Label Trading Company is one of them. Tabacalera La Zona from Espinosa Cigars and Plasencia Cigars are the other two factories to close the doors for the next few weeks.

Dominican Republic

All the factories in the Dominican Republic remain closed for now. But the effects have reached the American operations too. La Flor Dominicana laid off four of the eight sales managers in the United States due to the cover-19 virus. The stay at home notice and the closure of many cigar shops forced the company to cut cost.


Just as in the Dominican Republic, all factories in Honduras remain closed. All the employees are still being paid, as the Honduran government does not allow entrepreneurs to send home staff without pay during this crisis. 

Costa Rica, Cuba, and South East Asia

We have no reports of factories in Costa Rica or Cuba being closed. Several factories in South East Asia, where machine-made shorftillers are made closed down though. Those include the factory of Royal Agio Cigars in Sri Lanka.

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