Date: June 2020
Author: Inspector Z

More new cigars for Norway. Earlier this week, Nordic Cigars announced distribution deals with La Galera and Cavalier of Geneva. Plus additions to the RoMa Craft, Illusione, and Fratello lines that the company is importing. And more accessories. But that’s not all. Now more new brands and cigars have been announced by the importer and distributor.


Darren Chioffi, owner and founder of Principle Cigars is an avid collector of vintage cigar art. Most likely he owns the world’s largest collection of original vintage cigar art. He used that as inspiration for new packaging on the Principle Accomplice White. The cigars are packed in tins, with vintage style prints on the tins. Those tin boxes have landed Norway. According to Nordic Cigars, something magical has happened to the blend.

Sinistro and DBL

Founded only five years ago, Sinistro Cigars has been gaining notoriety amongst cigar aficionados. First in the United States, and then it started spreading to the rest of the world. The brand found a partner with Nordic Cigars to have its cigars distributed in Norway. Just like it did with Firmin Cigars for Australia a few months ago. The cigars are produced in the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic, La Aurora.

DBL Cigars, or Dominican Big Leaguer as the full name is, has been around a few years longer. But the founder, Francisco Almonte, is an industry veteran with a resume of almost 40 years in tobacco. Almonte has learned from the best with mentors such as Carlito Fuente and Litto Gomez. With DBL Cigars he combines his two passions, and Dominican’s two passions: Cigars and Baseball. Several DBL blends and sizes will be available in Norway as soon as possible.

Camaleon Cigars

In 2016, two young cigar connoisseurs smoked a test blend at a Dominican cigar factory that goes by several names. Chico’s factory, The Top Secret Nest, Manufactura Rivas, and Tabaqueria 1844 are all used to refer to the factory of Francisco ‘Chico’ Rivas. After smoking this cigar, the young lads decided to work with Rivas and create Camaleon Cigars. The cigar Rivas created was named Huevo del Oro, or The Golden Egg. That golden egg is now coming to Norway in the sizes corona and robusto.

Ministry of Cigars - More new cigars for Norway

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