Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

More good news for Norwegian cigar enthusiasts. Last week, we brought the news about new cigars coming to Norway. Cigars from Tabacalera El Artista, Tabacalera Palma, Cavalier Geneva, and Principle Cigars. But there is more good news.


One of the more popular New World cigar brands in Norway is Illusione. That’s why distributor Nordic Cigars is extending its portfolio with new lines. The new lines include several limited editions and several lines. The new line extensions include new vitolas for Illusione Ultra and Fume de Amore.

Completely new for Norway is the Illusione Rex. This cigar is available since 2013 in the United States. The cigar gets its name from a regular customer at the tobacco store of Illusione founder Dion Giolitto. The cigar is made in Esteli, Nicaragua with Corojo 98 and Criollo 99 as a binder. The filler comes from Esteli and Jalapa. The wrapper is Mexican San Andres. The cigar measures 4×44

Ministry of Cigars - More good news for Norwegian cigar enthusiasts


There are also new cigars from Fratello coming to Norway. The Fratello Navetta Inverso line with pigtails is incoming. From the classic line, the lancero is about to be arrive. The Fratello Roso from the camouflage series is also new for Norway.

Nordic Cigars is also introducing the Dominican made Fratello Oro. These cigars are wrapped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The brand new Fratello Arlequin is coming in a 5½x52 Robusto size. The cigar is made with filler from Nicaragua and Peru. Omar de Frias then took an Ecuadorian Habano for the binder. The wrapper is Mexican San Andres. Joya de Nicaragua is producing the Arlequin line for Fratello.

Ministry of Cigars - More good news for Norwegian cigar enthusiasts

Casdagli cigars

The Daughters of the Wind line from Casdagli is available in Norway in all vitolas now. That includes the limited edition Pony Express. That means that the 7½x39 Lancero, 6⅕x60 Figurado, 6⅒x52 Torpedo, 7⅒x56 Toro, and the 7⅖x50-75 Salomone are now available.

The 5×40 Romano from the Cabinet series is new just as the 5×50 Robusto from the traditional line. The Basilica line is extended with the 6×52 Maduro Toro and the 4×52 #3 Short Robusto. Finally, the Club Mareva gets an extension in the portfolio with the Gran Mareva and the Gran Mareva Gold.

Ministry of Cigars - More good news for Norwegian cigar enthusiasts

Schuster and RoMa Craft

Schuster Cigars from Germany is a cigar manufacturer and distributor. They make cigars in Bunde, Germany. But they also have cigars from Honduras and Nicaragua. The Brazil Trüllerie uses a Brazilian cigar over Cuban filler. It is a mix-filler, made in Europe. The corona in a tube is new to the portfolio of Nordic Cigars.

Schuster Cigars is also the worldwide distributor for RoMa Craft cigars. And through Schuster, Nordic Cigars is adding two new RoMa Craft Intemperance cigars to the portfolio. The Intrigue and Breach of the Preach are inbound.

Ministry of Cigars - More good news for Norwegian cigar enthusiasts

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