October 2020

Montecristo Supremos are now available in France. A few days ago we published the news that the Ramon Allones Allones No.2 is popping up worldwide. That’s the third Limited Edition from the 2019 program by Habanos. In that article, we mention that the distribution of the other two limited editions started in the summer. But only last week the Montecristo Supremo showed up in France. 

Montecristo Supremos

The Montecristo Supremos is a Montesco. Which is a Robusto Extra. It is 5 ⅛ inches long with a ring of 55. That’s exactly the same size as the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill. Romeo y Julieta is the only brand in the Habanos portfolio with a regular production Montesco. The size is more common in the regional release program. 

For the limited edition Habanos uses tobacco that’s been aged for two years. For Cuban cigars, that’s longer than regular production. But for new world cigars, two-year-old tobacco is considered to be very young. It is a good thing that Habanos is delaying distribution so that the cigars can mature a little longer before hitting the shelves of tobacconists.

Ministry of Cigars - Montecristo Supremos are now available in France

Other limited editions

The 2019 Limited Edition program has three cigars. This Montecristo Supremos, and the Ramon Allones Allones No.2. The one not mentioned in this article yet is the Quai d’Orsay Senadores. That is a 6⅛x48 Hermoso. That size is also known as Grand Corona. That was the first of the three to be released. 

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