Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Mombacho releases Cosecha 2014 globally. The company released a press release announcing the limited edition today. The tobaccos are five years old, from the 2014 harvest as the Cosecha name implies. Cosecha is Spanish for harvest.

“True vintage is almost impossible to find in the cigar industry and we have created a cigar that showcases the best of Nicaraguan tobaccos with Cosecha. Cosecha 2012 was great and Cosecha 2013 was even better, Cosecha 2014 will surprise the aficionados once again” said Claudio Sgroi, President and Master Blender of Mombacho Cigars. “Cosecha is a project that has been in my heart since the day I started working with Mombacho and I am thrilled to share it with all of you now” added Sgroi.

Cosecha series

The Mombacho Cosecha 2014 is the third consecutive Mombacho Cosecha release. In the past, the company released the Mombacho Cosecha 2012 and the Mombacho Cosecha 2013 as well. The cigars were rolled in 2016 and have been aging at the factory aging room ever since. And that factory is Casa Favilli in Granada, Nicaragua. The cigars for the Mombacho Cosecha 2015 and the Cosecha 2016 have been rolled as well and are aging as we speak. Production for the Mombacho Cosecha 2017 will start soon, even though those cigars won’t be released before 2022.

As for the Mombacho Cosecha 2014, 750 boxes of 10 cigars have been produced. The cigars are Nicaraguan Puros like any other Mombacho cigar. The cigar comes in a 6×52 Toro size with a pigtail. European distributors can order the cigars from PassionPuro in Germany. The German cigar importer is the European distributor for Mombacho and is running the European warehouse as well.

Ministry of Cigars Mombacho releases Cosecha 2014 globally
photo courtesy of Mombacho Cigars

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