Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Modern Day Campfire Austria. The next edition of the Modern Day Campfire events by Daniel Marshall will take place in Graz, Austria. On Monday, May 13.

Special Guest

During the Modern Day Campfire events, Marshall always brings a special guest. During the event in Graz, Marshall will be accompanied by his friend Ralf Moeller. Ralf Moeller is a German bodybuilder and actor. He played in movies as The Scorpion King and Gladiator. And was the lead actor in the Conan the Barbarian tv series in the late 1990s.

The event

The event is in Graz, on a beautiful rooftop terrace. Tickets are €199 each and very limited. This includes dinner, drinks and a Daniel Marshall golden cigar. That cigar is wrapped in 24k gold leaves and has a suggested retail price of close to 300 US dollars. For more information on the event, or to purchase tickets, visit the facebook event page.

Ministry of Cigars Modern Day Campfire Austria

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