Date: August 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Meerapfel comes with Cameroon seal of authenticity. The tobacco-growing family, known for its amazing Cameroon wrapper wants to make clear what is real Cameroon and what’s not. More and more cigar companies are starting to use “Cameroon” grown in other countries. From seeds that are not true Cameroon. Those seeds and that tobacco is proprietary of the Meerapfel family. 

For the last sixty years, the family has invested a lot of time, money, and energy into Cameroon tobacco. It is safe to say that without Richard Meerapfel and his sons Jeremiah and Joshua, Cameroon tobacco would have vanished. Without the efforts of Richard Meerapfel, the complete Cameroon tobacco industry would be extinct. And since then, the family and the contracted tobacco farmers have been improving the tobacco tremendously. Nobody but the Meerapfel family has access to those seeds. And nobody else grows wrappers in Cameroon. Yet many try to copy the distinctive aromas of the famed, and expensive, wrapper. Or use the popularity of the Cameroon reputation to boost sales.

Ministry of Cigars - Meerapfel comes with Cameroon seal of authenticity

Statement from Meerapfel

The Meerapfel & Fuente Families have been united for three generations.

Over this time, Arturo Fuente built several of its flagship products around Meerapfel Cameroon Wrapper including the 8-5-8, the Don Carlos line, the Hemingway line, and the Casa Fuente line. To honor the family relationship and highlight the exceptional value and uniqueness in which Meerapfel Cameroon contributes to the taste of the cigar, a “seal of authenticity” has been created to assure the connoisseur that the Cameroon Wrapper used, is the real deal. 

Authentic Cameroon, or Meerapfel Cameroon, is the most exclusive wrapper in the world. The curation of Meerapfel Cameroon is unparalleled. Don’t be fooled, the taste of Meerapfel Cameroon can never be imitated. Meerapfel Cameroon is unique. In fact, it’s the only wrapper in the world that is grown in Cameroon. 

Richard A. Meerapfel realized his dream: To establish Cameroon wrapper as one of the finest in the world. Deep within the Mambéré-Kadéï Rainforest; the “Forest of the Pygmies”, one of the most remote and magical lands on the planet, lies the most virgin and fertile soil in the world. 

This land is home to the finest, most elegant, and subtle wrappers ever produced. A land where there are snakes, panthers, and other deadly predators; A land where there is no electricity, no running water, no roads, and no technology. Meerapfel Cameroon must therefore be produced the old way, the traditional way … One seed at a time, one leaf at a time. Without the help of tractors, irrigation, and other modern equipment; Meerapfel has been the only family willing to take the risks and face the challenges necessary to grow the rarest wrappers in the world. Only mother nature and the unconditional love & passion of a local team are able to nurture such an exceptional and noble material. 

Many have tried to imitate, many have tried to reproduce, many have even tried to usurp the name …but there is only ONE authentic Cameroon Wrapper: 

Meerapfel, Mastering the Art of Leaf Since 1876 

We are working on an article about Cameroon tobacco and on an article about Richard Meerapfel for the Industry Legends series.

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