February 2021

Maya Selva introduces Year of the Ox. Now that news is already out, but a few hours ago Maya Selva Cigars was hosting an introduction session on Zoom. It was not a public Zoom but a session for cigar media and Maya Selva distributors. 

Flor de Selva & Chinese New Year 

2021 is the fourth year that Maya Selva is releasing a cigar for the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. The first time that the Honduran cigar manufacturer used the Zodiac Calendar was on request of the Chinese market. That became the 2018 release of the Year of the Dog. The 6×52 cigar came in boxes of ten cigars.

It was such a success that the Year of the Dog and Year of the Rat followed. The box size was changing every year. From ten in the Year of the Dog to 19 for the year of the pig. The year of the Rat has 20 cigars in the box. The Year of the Pig and Year of the Rat was available only in a 6×52 vitola, just as the Year of the Dog.

Ministry of Cigars - Flor de Selva Year of the Ox

Year of the Ox

For the Year of the Ox, Maya Selva is going with a 6×56 vitola. A Toro Extra. Flor de Selva did want to use a Toro vitola since Toro means bull in Spanish. And there’s a connection with the ox. But due to the power and strength of the ox, the cigar is a bit thicker. The blend is stronger as well after getting input from the Chinese market.

Flor de Selva is all about Honduran pride. So this blend is heavy on Honduran tobacco. The binder comes from Jamastran, with filler from Honduras as well, with some Nicaraguan tobacco as well. The wrapper comes from neighboring Nicaragua, but from Jalapa which is right on the border. The wrapper has been aging for close to three years. Some of the tobaccos are the same that Flor de Selva uses in the regular production cigars. The blend is probably the strongest Flor de Selva to date.

The box

The ox, and mainly the curve of the horn, is the inspiration for the box. The box follows the curve of the signature horn, with ten cigars. Only 250 boxes are made, and these boxes almost all are sold to Chinese cigar enthusiasts. The cigars won’t be coming to other markets. Not even to the Paris duty-free where the other three zodiac calendar cigars from Flor de Selva were available. 

Creating the boxes was hard. Maya Selva always wants to support small Honduran businesses. It’s important for Maya to use as much raw material from Honduras as possible. And to use local companies. But creating an unusual box is a challenge for local woodworkers without the right equipment. That the boxes turned out so great is an achievement by itself.

For the private tasting, Flor de Selva made beautiful boxes with two Flor de Selva Year of the Ox cigars. These boxes were sent to distributors, bloggers, magazines, and other contacts of Flor de Selva in 35 countries. Together with an invite to the private tasting of the Flor de Selva Year of the Ox. A review of the cigar will be published on here soon.


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