Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Maya Selva event at Tabakhaus Simon. The Honduran cigar lady, Maya Selva, will be at Tabakhaus Simon in Potsdam on September 14th to celebrate 20 years of friendship and business. For details about time and tickets, contact Tabakhaus Simon on +49 331 2703344

Maya Selva Cigars

Born in Honduras, with a Honduran father and a French mother, Selva grew up in Honduras. But at age 16, she moved to France for her education. She then studied in the United States where she graduated with a Master of Science degree. She wasn’t ready to work in the corporate world yet, so she returned to her native Honduras. There she got interested in working with tobacco. So she started to work in Danli to learn everything about tobacco.

After meeting legendary tobacco grower and cigar manufacturer Nestor Plasencia, Selva started her own brand. Flor de Selva. That was in 1995 and with her French background and connections, that’s where she launched her brand. And Europe is still her biggest market, almost 25 years later. Not just with her Flor de Selva brand, but also the Cumpay and Villa Zamorano offsprings.

Paris as the base

Maya Selva’s headquarter and distribution center is located in Paris. From there, all international orders are dispatched. Selva spends most of her time in the office to take care of international business. For the American market, a distribution center was set up in Hollywood, Florida. The cigars are all made in Danli, Honduras in cooperation with Plasencia.

The cooperation with Plasencia resembles much of the joint venture Rocky Patel has with Plasencia. Even though the Honduran cigars from Patel and Selva are made at the Plasencia factory, both Patel and Selva have control over their production. They both hand-pick the rollers and control everything. From the tobacco to the final production and everything in between. 

Ministry of Cigars - Maya Selva event at Tabakhaus Simon
Manuela Simon, owner of Tabakhaus Simon

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