Date: June 2024
Author: Inspector X

Maya Selva Cigars is proud to announce the arrival of its latest release: cigars aged for a decade, now available in select stores. This new line is part of an ambitious project to highlight the effects of controlled aging in ideal conditions. By setting aside thousands of cigars from various vitolas and brands, Maya Selva Cigars aims to showcase the benefits of a meticulously managed aging process involving precise control over temperature, humidity, and light.

The second release in this series is the Flor de Selva Tempo 10 Year Aged-Rolled, a 6 x 60 Gordo that has been aged for ten years. The Flor de Selva line, a celebrated Honduran puro, features a Connecticut-seed wrapper and a binder grown in the renowned Jamastrán region. The Tempo vitola, known for its 6 x 60 Gordo dimensions, provides a medium strength profile. While the Tempo is available as a regular production size within the Flor de Selva line, this release is distinguished by its extended aging period.

In 2023, Maya Selva Cigars launched this aging project with the debut of aged Flor de Selva No. 15s. These cigars, originally rolled in 2012, were released alongside their freshly rolled counterparts from 2022 as part of a limited edition offering. This initiative allowed connoisseurs to experience first-hand the nuanced differences that a decade of aging can impart to the flavour and overall smoking experience.

The current batch of Flor de Selva Tempo 10 Year Aged-Rolled cigars were rolled in 2013, and the release is limited to just 500 boxes, each containing 10 cigars. Priced at $27.65 per cigar and $276.50 per box, these cigars represent a unique opportunity for aficionados to indulge in a smoking experience enriched by a decade of careful aging.

Maya Selva Cigars continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and innovation in the cigar industry through this decade-aged project. By emphasizing the importance of controlled aging, the company offers a rare glimpse into the potential of tobacco when nurtured over an extended period. Each release in this series is not only a testament to the art of cigar making but also a celebration of time-honoured traditions and the meticulous craftsmanship that defines Maya Selva Cigars.

For enthusiasts seeking a truly exceptional smoking experience, the Flor de Selva Tempo 10 Year Aged-Rolled offers a remarkable journey into the depths of flavour and sophistication. This limited edition release is sure to become a prized possession among collectors and a testament to the enduring allure of finely aged cigars.

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