Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Mare Nostrum coming to The Netherlands. The latest blend from El Viejo Continente will soon be available in The Netherlands through distributor De Sigarenman. De Sigarenman also has a small retail outlet in the town of Hellevoetsluis. The company distributes El Viejo Continente, The Circus, The Bouncer, and Bossner Cigars as well.

El Viejo Continente Mare Nostrum

The Mare Nostrum blend is the latest release from El Viejo Continente. Master blender and brand owner Daniel Guerrero lives in Barcelona, Spain. And every morning when he sits on his balcony to enjoy a cigar he is impressed by the view. His balcony overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans used to call the Mediterranean Sea Mare Nostrum. That translates to our sea in Latin. The view of the Mediterranean Sea inspired Guerrero, and that’s why he named the cigars Mare Nostrum.

The Mare Nostrum line comes in three sizes. Those are 4¾x50, 4¾x56, and 5½x56. The Netherlands works with a fixed price system, where the cigars have the same price tag in every store. The prices set for these cigars are €8, €8,50, and €9. The cigars are made at American Caribbean Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. For the blend, tobaccos from Brazil, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic are used.

The cigars are expected to arrive in The Netherlands mid-December. But due to Christmas and New Year, the distribution might be delayed to the first weeks of the new year. De Sigarenman told us that he will expand his portfolio with more cigars from American Caribbean Cigars in the coming year. Which ones, and what the price point of those cigars will be, has yet to be revealed. 

Ministry of Cigars - Mare Nostrum coming to The Netherlands



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