September 2018

Marc Anthony and Plasencia. Truth is said, there are days, weeks, or even months that we won’t hear music from Marc Anthony. We never play his music at here in the office. It’s just not our kind of music, personal taste, and we are not judging if you do like his music. We know he’s huge in Latin America and very popular amongst Hispanics all over the world but we’re just not fans.

But yesterday we saw a post on the Facebook page of Plasencia cigars. We had to check it out. Marc Anthony released a new single, with Will Smith and Bad Bunny, called Esta Rico. Guess what, the Plasencia Alma Fuerte is featured in the video clip. Now that gives Marc Anthony a few extra credit points in our book. We played the video a few times in a row.

You want to see the video? Well, we won’t let you down so here you go

Plasencia Alma Fuerte

For decades, Plasencia is making cigars. Not for themselves, but for other companies. That changed in the past few years. Plasencia Alma Fuerte is a unique blend of their best-aged tobaccos. The Plasencia family is the biggest grower of premium cigar tobacco in the world. The tobacco for the Plasencia Alma Fuerte is grown in their highest quality soil. It accentuates the bold, vibrant, and intense flavors.  

Since the release of this new Plasencia line, cigar enthusiasts can’t stop praising the blend. And now Marc Anthony and Plasencia are storming the billboard charts with this new video.

Ministry of Cigars - Marc Anthony and Plasencia
the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Salomon. The ashtray comes with every single box

1 thought on “Marc Anthony and Plasencia

  1. This was a joke. Pure paid for product placement. 2% of the world smokes cigars. How many will see this video and want to smoke Plasencia. It made me avoid the brand this weekend. An embarrassment for their marketing team.

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