Date: June 2023
Author: Usman Dawood

Canadian company Peter James Leather Co. is making waves in the cigar accessories market with the upcoming launch of its Generation V Original Cigar Carry cases. These new cases, set to ship in the fall, will replace the outgoing Generation IV models and boast several notable improvements. Designed with both tradition and innovation in mind, the Generation V cases aim to enhance the overall cigar aficionado experience.

Crafted in North America using premium Italian leather, each Generation V Original Cigar Carry case measures 5.75 inches x 9.75 inches. The cases will be available in four classic colors: black, brown, burgundy, and red. One significant enhancement over the previous generation is the inclusion of a new optional cross-body strap, providing convenience and versatility for cigar enthusiasts on the go. Additionally, an exterior pocket has been reintroduced, offering extra storage space for small items.

Upon opening the Generation V cases, cigar enthusiasts will find three pockets on the left side designed to securely hold a cigar lighter, cutter, and other small accessories. On the right side, a cigar case awaits, accommodating up to five standard-size cigars and featuring a dedicated slot for a humidity pack, such as those offered by Boveda. The cigar pocket can easily accommodate cigars measuring up to 8 x 58. To add a touch of sophistication, a slot for a pen is conveniently located in the center, between the two sides.

With an MSRP of $585, the Generation V Original Cigar Carry cases offer exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Designed to preserve the essence of the original design while incorporating innovative features, these cases truly represent the commitment of Peter James Leather Co. to delivering top-notch products for cigar aficionados.

The Generation V cases will serve as the company’s core line, positioned below the higher-end Black Label Collection, which debuted earlier this year with a price tag of $999.99. Peter James Leather Co. aims to cater to a range of preferences and budgets, ensuring that every cigar lover can find a suitable case to protect and showcase their prized cigars.

Expanding beyond cigar cases, Peter James Leather Co. has partnered with Linea Design Furniture, a Canadian family-owned furniture company, to introduce the Henry Lounge Chair. This addition to their furniture line is tailored to cigar smokers and lounges, offering a luxurious seating experience. Made with Italian leather available in ash gray, black cherry, and black smoke, the Henry Lounge Chair exudes elegance and comfort. While the chair carries an MSRP of $3,950, Peter James Leather Co. envisions retailers ordering them at wholesale prices and placing them in their lounges, ultimately encouraging lounge customers to order their own chairs. The chairs are made-to-order, ensuring a personalized touch and exceptional quality.

In a strategic move, Peter James Leather Co. aims to phase out its direct-to-consumer sales through a unique geographic model. The company plans to partner with 2-4 retailers in major cities, regularly stocking their products. Once this threshold is reached, customers in that area will be redirected to those retailers, blocking them from ordering directly from Peter James’ online store. This model allows the company to empower its retail partners, foster mutually beneficial relationships, and provide exclusive items and customization options. Furthermore, American retailers will have the option for customer orders to be drop-shipped from Peter James’ facility in Arizona, streamlining the ordering process and ensuring efficient delivery.

The launch of the Generation V Original Cigar Carry cases, along with the expansion of their furniture line, marks an exciting chapter for Peter James Leather Co. Their commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction is evident in their products. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or a lounge owner seeking to elevate the smoking experience for your clientele, Peter James Leather Co. offers exceptional accessories that merge style, functionality, and unparalleled quality. Stay tuned for the arrival of the Generation V Original Cigar Carry cases this fall, and indulge in the epitome of cigar case luxury.

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