Date: May 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Los Dueños cigars available in Germany. The Dominican brand, the brainchild of Scander Chida, is now available on the biggest cigar market in Europe, Germany. Casagrande Cigars, the distribution company of Werner Casagrande, secured distribution rights for the brand.

Los Dueños

Los Dueños is created by Scander Chida. His passion for tobacco led to the creating of his brand. His motto for the cigars is “a fine product, a respected tradition, and a premium offer”. Chida has been in the industry for over a decade as a factory representative in the Dominican Republic. He wanted to launch his own brand and create an example of excellence according to his own words.

The cigars are made with tobacco from the best plantations on the island and appeal to both novice smokers and experienced aficionados. The line is blended with both traditional and modern methods to create a cigar with finesse and strength. The hand-rolled cigars are made from Dominican filler and binder with an H2000 Habano wrapper from Cuba. For the real cigar geeks here’s the complete blend that exists from Seco AA, Olor Dominicana, Ligero AA Criollo 98 as filler. The binder is Capore Olor from the Dominican and an H2000 wrapper from Cuba.

Ministry of Cigars - Los Dueños cigars available in Germany

La Familia, Horacio, and Hiram & Solomon

Casagrande cigars isn’t a new player in the German market. The distributor has been representing Horacio cigars for years, just as the Costa Rican brand Vegas de Santiago. Each year, the company releases a limited edition La Familia on the German market. Recently Casagrande cigars also signed a distribution agreement with Hiram & Solomon. Los Dueños is new to the German market, although the brand has a fan base in Belgium. Los Dueños is manufactured at Intercigar in the Dominican Republic. The same factory is also responsible for Rauchvergnugen and Patriot Cigars.

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