Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Live cigar rolling demonstration at Cigar Malaysia. For the next ten days, the Indonesian master roller Mr. Suhermanto will be showing his skills at different locations of Cigar Malaysia.

Every day from 3 pm till 10 pm, Mr. Suhermanto will be rolling cigars. The locations of the events the four different shop of Cigar Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. The shops are located at Ansa hotel Bukit Bintang, KLCC, 163 retail park, and the Glo Damansara mall.

Master cigar roller Suhermanto has been a cigar roller for over twenty years. He is the supervisor for the Montague brand and has been with working with Scandinavian Tobacco Indonesia for the longest time. He was trained by both Dutch and Cuban cigar masters. From the Dutch, he learned how to make dry cured short fillers. The Cubans taught him all about premium cigars.

The events

If you want to see the Indonesian torcedor Suhermanto perform the art of cigar rolling, contact Cigar Malaysia to see where he will be. Cigar Malaysia can be reached by phone on 017-5958598. The rolling events are spread over the different retail outlets. Three events will be at Cigar Malaysia at the Ansa hotel. Three other events will be at the new lounge at 163 Retail Park.  This is excluding the launching event. The location at the Glo Damaransa Mall will have two rolling events. And the last event, just one day, will take place at The Humidor at Putrajaya.

Ministry of cigars Live cigar rolling demonstration at Cigar Malaysia

The freshly rolled cigars will be Indonesian Puro cigars. From wrapper to filler, 100% Indonesian tobacco will be used. And if you’re lucky, the master cigar roller can roll your favorite size. Robusto? No problem. Do you prefer a corona? That’s no issue for Mr. Suhermanto either. Just come to one of the events, make your preference known and enjoy a fresh Indonesian cigar.

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