Date: June 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Line-additions to Drew Estate ACID 20. The anniversary line that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Drew Estate’s creation ACID is extended with a 6×50 Toro and a 5×50 box-pressed Robusto Tubo. The box-pressed Robusto Tubo is a slightly thinner version of the original 5×52 box-pressed Robusto release. The new sizes will be introduced at the upcoming Freestyle Live: Special Edition hosted on on June 11th from 7:00-9:00 pm EST.


Last year, Drew Estate introduced the ACID 20. A line to celebrate the birth of the ACID cigars in 1999. When we released ACID Cigars in 1999, we felt like it was “us against the world.” They said that “we would be out of business in two months” and we even had a friend say “you won’t even last two weeks.” But we knew that we created something special, something beautiful … so we decided to fight for it and not look back. I think that the pain behind our struggle to survive for so many years made the debut of Acid 20 feel that much more impactful. We wish to thank those of you who took the journey by our side, 1400CC, pedal to the metal. Sincere appreciation for believing in us.” Jonathan Drew said in a press release. Drew founded Drew Estate with Marvin Samel in 1996.

The ACID smokers received the ACID 20 well. Drew Estate created the 6×50 Toro, packed in boxes of 24. The ACID 20 Robusto Tubo comes in 5-count boxes. Where the Toro will be available in June, Drew Estate fans will have to wait until the fall for the release of the Robusto Tubo. ACID 20 is made with a Mexican wrapper. The binder comes from Indonesia, with fillers from Nicaragua. To create the unique flavor, Drew Estate infuses the cigars through its secret and proprietary infusing method.

The ACID 20 line is available in several international markets. The line-additions to Drew Estate ACID 20 are available to Drew Estate distributors all over the world.

Ministry of Cigars - Line-additions to Drew Estate ACID 20

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