Date: September 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Limited Oliva Serie V Melanio lands in The Netherlands. Back in 2011, during the developing stages of the Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars were rolled in two shapes. One round as a classic cigar. But also a box-pressed version. The Oliva family released the box-pressed version and stored the round versions. A good choice as the box-pressed figurado is a winner. Cigar Aficionado thinks so too. The Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado was their number 1 cigar of the year 2014.

Limited editions

The round double toro version is the limited edition of 2017. All 25.000 cigars from the 2011 production flew off the shelves. Those receive a lot of praise. So for 2018, Oliva is repeating that concept. Of course not with the 6×60 Double Toros. These are no longer available. But there are also 10.000 round robustos waiting in the aging rooms. And Oliva is releasing these round robustos now.

The cigars come in boxes of ten cigars. There is an extra foot-ring with 2018 printed on it. When the Limited Oliva Serie V Melanio lands in The Netherlands, it will be a small quantity. The Netherlands is getting only 150 boxes, that means 1500 cigars. The price tag is €21 per cigar, which is steep. But think about it, these cigars are aged. And if it was a Cuban cigar, the price would be sky high as well. Oliva Cigars are just as good, or maybe even better.

Ministry of Cigars - Limited Oliva Serie V Melanio lands in The Netherlands
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