October 2018

Les Fines Lames soon available in Norway. Maybe you’ve seen them on social media, the beautiful cigar knives from France, Les Fines Lames. And if you’re from Norway, you can now buy them locally since Nordic Cigars is now the exclusive and official dealer for Les Fines Lames in Norway.

Les Fines Lames makes cigar knives to order, by hand, in France with eye for detail. All knives are unique with beautiful wood finishes but they also hand made leather sheaths for the knives and cigar stands. 


Les Fines Lames is an idea from two French cigar enthusiasts. Pablo Rodet and Pierre Jourdan. Their design of the knife is specifically to cater to cigar smokers. To be able to produce the first batch, they looked for funding. Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website, is the answer to their question. The response is overwhelming and the cigars are now well known in the cigar industry.

The production takes place in France, in Bordeaux. With super high-quality metal that is almost impossible to dull. The knives come with different finishes. According to Jourdan, Les Fines Lames is planning to offer many limited editions. The duo has wild ideas. Ideas that are coming to fruition in the next years, with collaborations and different designs.

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