Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Les Fines Lames gets tattooed. The French accessory company has released a number of limited edition cigar knives with a tattoo design. These limited editions are a collaboration with the French artist Kim Jung. The line is called Tattoo by Kim.

Three designs

In 2014, Kim graduated from the Marseille Fine Art school. And she has a passion for tattoos. She dedicates herself to tattooing with all her history, ethics and aesthetics. And since tattoos are also a passion of Les Fines Lames, a collaboration was a logical step.

Kim sketched three different designs that were engraved into the blades of the French made cigar knives. Each design is limited to just five pieces. The designs are roses, waves, or skulls. And they will cost you € 429 on the Les Fines Lames website. It’s not clear if some of the knives will end up for sale with retailers.

The knives

The knives are of high quality. The knives are made with Mox27Co Stainless steel which is virtually impossible to dull. And the handle material is the G10 composite that the company has used before. It’s a high-pressure fiberglass laminate composite material specially used to make handles for knives, grips for firearms and other tools. G10 is high strength, durability and has great moisture absorption. That makes G10 a very well known and praised material in knife making for its impressive properties.

Les Fines Lames has gained a lot of interest in the cigar industry. And well known knife makers as Benchmade are trying to lift on the cigar knife success. They created a similar knife, but without the ergonomic comfort of the Les Fines Lames in the hopes to compete with the French cigar knife.

Ministry of Cigars - Les Fines Lames gets tattooed
Les Fines Lames Tattoo by Kim – Roses
Ministry of Cigars - Les Fines Lames gets tattooed
Les Fines Lames Tattoo by Kim – Skull
Ministry of Cigars - Les Fines Lames gets tattooed
Les Fines Lames Tattoo by Kim – Waves
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