Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Les Fines Flames goes small. With a brand new Les Fines Flames cigar cutter. It’s a carbon copy of the patented design by the French accessory maker yet in a smaller version. And they launched the knives into space.

Ministry of Cigars - Les Fines Lames goes small

Launched in Space

Les Fines Lames teamed up with the British company SENT INTO SPACE. Three unique versions of the new Le Petit by Les Fines Lames were sent to an altitude of 36km. These special versions are made of gold and have two diamonds. They represent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. One of the special editions will be for sale on Indiegogo starting September 3rd. The handles of the special edition knives are made from yellow, white and rose gold. And with advanced 3d printing, it’s an exact reproduction of the moon’s surface. Copied from NASA topographical maps.

The knives were placed into a carbon structure with a 360-degree camera. And then sent into space with a sounding hydrogen loaded balloon. After little over two and a half hours later, the module reached an altitude of 36 km and -57C temperatures.


On September 3rd, Les Fines Lames will launch an IndieGoGo campaign for the Le Petit by Les Fines Lames. The knives are a carbon copy of the renowned Les Fines Lames, just smaller. It’s now 11.5 cm instead of 20.4. And the blade is 6.5 cm instead of 8.8 cm. Yet it can cut cigars up to ring 70, and that’s bigger than the big version.

There will be six different finishes available on the Indiegogo campaign. Those are wood finish, Olive, Padauk or Ebony. Or a blue jute fabric in resin composite version. And there will be brass and carbon fiber version. The prices will start at €109, including a leather case made in France. Once the knives hit the stores, the prices will start at €149 without the case.

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