March 2024

Laudisi Enterprises has completed the acquisition of Caldwell Cigar Co. and Lost&Found Cigars. Under the terms of the agreement, Robert Caldwell and Juan Jaramillo, the founders and proprietors of Caldwell Cigar Co., will assume roles within Laudisi’s management team. Furthermore, they will hold equity stakes in Laudisi, a company primarily recognized for its prominence in the pipe industry, albeit steadily broadening its footprint in the cigar sector.

Reflecting on the milestone, Robert Caldwell remarked, “We have been exceedingly fortunate to enjoy a remarkable first decade. As we embark on our next chapter, we aim to fortify our initial success by partnering with new allies who can facilitate sustained growth on a solid foundation. Laudisi embodies all the essential elements needed to ensure our ongoing prosperity.”

Caldwell’s Cigar Enterprises

Caldwell’s initiation into the cigar realm began with Hotel Humidor, a venture supplying cigars to hotels and eateries in Miami. Subsequently, he collaborated with Christian Eiroa to establish Wynwood before launching his eponymous company, Caldwell Cigar Co., in 2014. While Caldwell does not operate its own factory, it is renowned for its affiliation with the Ventura family’s Tabacalera William Ventura and El Maestro facilities in the Dominican Republic, alongside collaborations with esteemed names such as AJ Fernandez, Davidoff, Drew Estate, and E.P. Carrillo.

Lost&Found, initially launched as Impromptu by Caldwell, Tony Bellatto, and Jaclyn Sears in 2014, adopted a distinctive approach. Caldwell would procure leftover batches of cigars from various factories during his visits, while Sears crafted imaginative packaging often featuring whimsical names like 15 Minutes of Fame, Holy Braille, and Supreme Creme. Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lost&Found transitioned into a more conventional cigar company, commissioning its own blends from factories and subjecting them to extended aging.


Negotiations between the two entities commenced in June 2023, culminating in the signing of an agreement on February 9, 2024. Effective from the ensuing Friday, March 8, Laudisi Distribution Group will commence order fulfilment for Caldwell and Lost&Found from its Warehouse in South Carolina.

Shane Ireland, Vice President for Retail at Laudisi, expressed admiration for Caldwell’s cigars, stating, “I’ve been a devoted fan of Robert Caldwell’s cigars since encountering The King is Dead and Long Live the King at Liberty Tobacco in San Diego, California, around a decade ago. The synergies between our companies became apparent during our initial discussions with Robert about the deal… Ultimately, we collectively recognized that the most exciting and vital aspect was enabling Robert to focus on his forte—crafting cigars and brands that captivate enthusiasts worldwide.”
Zachary Harpold, currently serving as a full-time sales representative for Caldwell, will transition to Laudisi, with plans to augment the team with two additional territory sales managers.

Sykes Wilford, CEO of Laudisi Enterprises, acknowledged the company’s deep roots in the cigar realm, spanning nearly two decades. He highlighted the natural alignment between Laudisi and Caldwell Cigar Co., emphasizing Caldwell and Jaramillo’s expertise and passion as invaluable assets to lead the newly established Caldwell Cigar division.
Caldwell will be showcased alongside Laudisi at the forthcoming 2024 PCA Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas from March 23-25.

Recognized as a leader in the pipe tobacco domain, Laudisi Enterprises boasts renowned brands such as Cornell & Diehl and Peterson. Additionally, the company operates retail outlets including and Low Country Pipe & Cigar in Little River, S.C. Laudisi’s daughter Cornell & Diehl works with Steve Saka for Dunbarton’s annual Stillwell Star cigars and Kyle Gellis from Warped for the annual limited edition Warped pipe tobacco release.

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