Date: July 2020
Author: Inspector Z

La Vida Buena 2020 to take place in August. For years Cigar Club Termoli La Escepción is organizing an annual cigar weekend. It’s good to see that Italy is bouncing back from the covid-19 pandemic in such a way that the event can take place. Italy and Spain are amongst the European countries that are hit hardest by the virus. Only Russia and the United Kingdom score worst. But the lockdown and other measures are showing good results. And that’s why late August, Cigar Club Termoli La Escepción can host its annual event.

This year the event is taking place from August 28 till August 30. The locations are Termoli and the Isole Tremiti. The main event takes place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August. But there are extra activities with rare cigars on the 28th and both weekend days.

The program

The main event includes a light lunch on Saturday the 29th. Plus dinner at Restaurant La Fenice. Included is a Partagas Lonsdale from 2001. And Champagne, Pol Roger Brut Reserve. The next day, Sunday 30th, there’s a boat trip around the island including lunch. That comes with Peroni beer, Rhum Demarara Watson’s, and a Monsdales. Monsdales are house blends for Club Habana in Havana. The cigars are named after the former owner, the late Enrique Mons. 

The program is limited to 50 participants. Tickets for the two days are available at €140. For more information, e-mail or call

Extra activities

If the main event isn’t enough, you can join the extras. On Friday the 28th of August there is a dinner in Termoli. That dinner includes a Vegas Robaina Vintage 2005 and Billecart Champagne. The main dish during dinner is salmon. This extra activity is limited to 30 participants and has a price tag of €50.

On Saturday there’s an extra activity as well. A tasting and aperitif before the big dinner. And the cigars at this activity are out of this world. A Cuban Davidoff 1000 from 1988 and a Partaras 8-9-8 from 1995. Add Pol Roger Rose 2012 Champagne and you have a party. That only for €50. It’s limited to 30 participants.

And after the boat trip, there is the option to go to the closing dinner. This dinner includes a 1995 Montecristo Especial No.1, Champagne Ayala, Brut Majeure, and Karukera Black Edition Alligator rum. The dinner is limited to 25 participants and has a price tag of €65.

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