Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

La Sirena is coming to Germany. The decade-old brand is finally ready to expand into the international markets. The German distributor PassionPuro is the next on the list of international partnerships.

La Sirena

The story of La Sirena starts in 2006. Arielle Ditkowich was hired to host cigars events for Miami Cigar & Co in the New York area. And on one of those nights, she met Nestor Miranda, the owner of the company. Miranda was charmed by Ditkowich and her passion to learn about tobacco.

Ministry of Cigars La Sirena is coming to Germany

He took her under his wing and two years later the two decided to create a new brand. And when Ditkowich asked what the Spanish word for mermaid was, the company had a name: La Sirena.

Nestor Miranda already had a relationship with My Father Cigars. The Garcia family created a few blends for his own lines of cigars. And so Ditkowich and Miranda traveled to Esteli, Nicaragua. And after months of blending and testing, they came out with the first La Sirena blend. That was exactly a decade ago, in 2009.

In 2012, Ditkowich and Miranda decided it was time for La Sirena to be an independent company. So Ditkowich was out on her own. She bought the distributing rights from Miami Cigar & Co and went solo. And up until today, she’s managing the brand by herself. And La Sirena is an established brand by now.

Ministry of Cigars La Sirena is coming to Germany

Other factories

The days that La Sirena was only produced by My Father Cigars are long gone. Ditkowich also banked on the relationship between La Aurora and Miami Cigar Company. MCC is the official distributor for La Aurora in the United States. And that’s why there was a direct connection when La Sirena wanted a Dominican made cigar.

Nowadays, there are also La Sirena cigars coming from another Nicaraguan factory, Erik Espinosa’s La Zona. And the 10th-anniversary limited edition is produced in Mexico. Nueva Matacapan de Tabacos S.A. de C.V, the Turrent factory in San Andres is responsible for the production.

And now La Sirena is coming to Germany. The first release in Germany will be a sampler. That sampler contains three cigars. Those are the Robusto, Belicoso and the box pressed Lancero. All in the original La Sirena line. An all Nicaraguan puro. The binder is criollo, the wrapper Habano Oscuro. And the fillers come from Esteli and Jalapa. PassionPuro is expecting to release the cigars soon.

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  1. Always enjoyed smoking La Sirena Cigars. Glad she is getting a presence outside of the USA

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