Date: April 2020
Author: Inspector Z

La Palina and Room 101 team up against corona. With so many shops having to close lounges, or even close completely due to the pandemic, La Palina and Room 101 decided to help out. In a unique way.

Retail care package

Room 101 and La Palina have created a sampler. The manufacturer suggested retail price of this package is $129 but it will go on sale for $69.99. Participating retailers will sell the Retail Care Package online, but Room 101 and La Palina will take care of the shipping. The bulk of the revenue will end up with the participating retailers.

On April 22nd, the Retail Care Package program will also host a live virtual cigar event. That event is called ‘Lock Down’ and can be followed on The Retail Care Package includes raffle tickets. The raffle will take place during the ‘Lock Down’ virtual cigar event. The event will be hosted by La Palina and Room 101. Matt Booth and Bill Paley, owners of Room 101 and La Palina will be amongst the guests.

The contents

The sampler includes ten cigars, ten raffle tickets, and a La Palina wine key. The cigars are split between the brands. There will be five different La Palina cigars included in the Retail Care Package. Those are the La Palina Classic Connecticut, Rosado, and Maduro robusto. The La Palina illumination Belicoso and the LP 1 Petit Corona. Room 101 is presented with five event-exclusive cigars called ‘Fu Pack”.

Ministry of Cigars - La Palina and Room 101 team up

If you’re not sure which of your preferred retailers is participating in this initiative, feel free to write an email to The Retail Care Package is only available to retailers in the United States. To be included in the raffle, purchases have to be confirmed before April 15.

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