Date: June 2020
Author: Inspector Z

La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra finally released. For years, Habanos has problems releasing cigars from the Regional Edition program in time. The same goes for the Limited Edition series. Most of these releases are released a year after the proposed release date. For example, cigars from the 2018 Edicion Regional or Edicion Limitada series are released in 2019, or even early 2020. But Habanos never delayed a cigar with three years, until now.

Exclusive Gran Bretania

One of the cigars that is part of the 2017 Edicion Regional series is the La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra. This is a 5⅜x48 Perfecto size used in 2012 for the Bolivar Britanicas. And even though the 2018 El Rey del Mundo La Reina Exclusivo Gran Bretagnia was released in 2019, the 2017 release was still missing in action. Until now, after a three-year delay, it’s finally being released. 

There are 60.000 La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra produced. 6000 boxes of 10 cigars to be precise. They come with the regular Exclusivo ring yet the La Gloria Cubana ring is an old version. Jemma Freeman, executive director for Hunters & Frankau found the design, yet it’s unclear if it was ever used before. And if, in which time period that was.

Exclusivo program

Habanos released the Edicion Regional program in 2005. Each distributor can pick a Habanos brand in a specific size for its territory. But there are a few rules. Ten popular brands are excluded from the series. And it has to be a vitola that is not already offered in the current product range for the brand. The idea behind the program is to promote and market the lesser-known Cuban cigar brands. 

A full list of all Edicion Regional cigars can be found on the Cuban Cigar Website. A review of the 2018 Punch Sir David, the Hong Kong regional edition can be found right here. Just as the list of upcoming regional editions for 2020.

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