February 2021

La Galera is coming to Switzerland. The Royal Cigar Company, one of the most active cigar distributors in the Central European country is introducing La Galera. La Galera is one of the brands from Jochy Blanco and the famous Tabacalera La Palma factory.

La Galera

Tabacalera La Palma is around since 1936. Or actually 1925, but official registration took place in 1936. And the history goes back even further because founder Jose Arnaldo Blanco II is the second generation tobacco grower of the family. His father started it all. Tabacalera La Palma is still run by the same family, with Jose ‘Jochy’ Blanco as the head of the family now. Fun fact, Jose Blanco is his cousin, so tobacco does run in the family.

But even though Tabacalera La Galera has been around for close to 100 years, La Galera hasn’t. It is a relatively new brand. It means the galley or the cooks’ gallery. Jochy Blanco is the blender of this brand. Two of the five La Galera blends are available in Switzerland since this week. With a third line following soon. The La Galera Connecticut and Anemoi are in Switzerland, the Habano version is the next introduction.

The blends

The winds play an important role in tobacco cultivation, even if they are generally not regarded as essential. The Greeks, geniuses themselves, also understood the meaning of the wind. The collective name of their gods of wind is ANEMOI. The north wind was called Boreas, the south wind became Notus. The east wind was baptized Eurus, and Zephyrus was reserved for the west wind.

The direction of the wind gave the Greeks an idea of ​​whether to expect a good harvest or prepare for a bad season. La Galera felt it appropriate to pay our respects to these omnipresent forces. The Dominican Republic is no exception to the influence of these winds. La Galera studied Boreas, Notus, Eurus, and Zephyrus in the natural habitat of tobacco.

The La Galera Anemoi comes with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over Dominican tobaccos. It is available as a 4¾x46 Short Corona with the name Boreas for 9.50 CHF. The 5×56 Notus is a double robusto with the price of 11.50 CHF. The Eurus is a 5½x50 Robusto with a 10.50 CHF price tag. The 6×60 Zephyrus comes in at 12.50 CHF. The Anemoi is a 6⅓x52 Toro for 13 CHF. All come in boxes of 20 cigars.

La Galera Connecticut

The other line that is being introduced now is La Galera Connecticut. The binder and filler are Dominican. The Connecticut Shade wrapper comes from Ecuador. This is a mild cigar. And it comes in a variety of sizes.

Ministry of Cigars - La Galera Connecticut

The 3½x46 Half Corona comes in at 5.20 CHF. The 5×38 Cepo is 5.60 CHF. The Chaveta (5⅛x50) is 8 CHF. Then there is the 5¼x60 Pilon for 10 CHF. The Bonchero is a 5½x42 Corona for 6.90 CHF. The 6×46 Pegador is 7.90 CHF and the 6×54 Lector comes in at 9.50 CHF. The last two sizes are the 6×52 Torpedo for 10.20 CHF and the 7 ¼ x50 Churchill for 10 CHF.


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