Date: July 2020
Author: Inspector Z

La Fabrica series by Sinistro Cigars. In the next few weeks, Sinistro Cigars is releasing three new La Fabrica limited editions. According to Sinistro, the cigars are found at factories and are previously undiscovered cigars. Just like Caldwell’s Lost & Found and Ezra Zion, Sinistro claims to have found small batches of forgotten cigars in factories.

According to the story, these cigars are evaluated by Sinistro. Then the cigars are given a name and the cigars are released for a reasonable price. “It’s our way of sharing the privilege of being able to visit numerous factories and sampling numerous cigars with the consumers we love,” Sinistro wrote in a press release.

Dominican Republic

The cigars that Sinistro is releasing this month all come from the Dominican Republic. All releases are limited to 400 bundles of ten cigars. The cigars are found at La Aurora Cigar Factory, Tabacalera El Artista, and a new factory, Tabacalera Mi Terruno, in Tamboril. That makes us wonder how a new factory can misplace and lose aged cigars. We also wonder if factories work so sloppy that batches of cigars are lost so regularly, or would this all be a marketing ploy?

The cigars released this month come from El Artista and Tabacalera Mi Terruno. Tabacalera Mi Terruno is founded in late 2016. The Sinistro La Fabrica The Butcher comes from that factory. It’s a 6×50 Toro with Connecticut Broadleaf, Pennsylvania Broadleaf, and Dominican Habana Vuelta Abajo as fillers. The binder comes from San Vincente in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano.

Tabacalera El Artista is responsible for the other two releases. Those are The Quaker. A 6×60 Gordo with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The binder is Dominican Olor, with Criollo ’98 fillers. The last cigar released this month is Barba Roja, also from Tabacalera El Artista. It sports a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The binder is Dominican Negrito with Criollo ’98 as filler. The size is 4×44.

2 thoughts on “La Fabrica series by Sinistro Cigars

  1. You may want to do some more research beforw you post. The Butcher is a completely NEW blend, which would make it impossible for a ‘new factory’ to be ‘so sloppy’ and ‘lose’ cigars. 90% of La Fabrica will be NEW blends. The blends that are NOT new, are not a ‘marketing ploy’ – they are cigars that these factories rolled, which they do by the hundreds or thousands everyday, and simply have NOT YET been released.

    1. That’s not what is claimed in the press release. The press release says “that the company finds small batches of forgotten cigars in factories, evaluates them, gives them a name, and releases them to consumers at a reasonable price.”

      So what more research is there to do with information straight from Sinistro Johnny? if what you claim is true, and that they are new blends, then you just proved that it is a marketing story.

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