Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

La Casa del Habano Maastricht changes ownership. In December 2015 the shop opened its doors at a the Stationstraat in Maastricht. Maastricht is the capital of Limburg, the most southern province of The Netherlands. Squeezed in between Belgium on one side and Germany on the other.

Ministry of cigars La Casa del Habano Maastricht
the Limburg Provence, with Maastricht on the southwest end

Reza Valibalouch

The exclusive Habanos shop Maastricht was founded by Reza Valibalouch. And that’s a well-known name in the Cuban cigar community. He is the owner of the La Casa del Habano Antwerp. And he’s always one of the main bidders when it comes to unique humidors at the Habanos Festival auction.

Born in Iran, Valibalouch was raised in Belgium. His father, minister of foreign affairs, send Reza and his brothers to Belgium during the Iran – Irak war. And that’s where Valibalouch has is headquarters. In Antwerp, where he owns an Italian restaurant and the LCDH Antwerp. De Compagnie in the Dutch city of Breda is also owned by Valibalouch. That is a specialized tobacconist and coffee bean shop. The shop roasts its own coffee.

La Casa del Habano Maastricht

But now he sold the La Casa del Habano Maastricht. And the buyer is not an unknown character in the online Cuban cigar community. It is Dirk Alkemade aka Dutchcigars on Instagram and YouTube. With 4.5k followers on YouTube and 38.6k Instagram followers, he has quite some exposure. A few years ago, Alkemade and a business partner wanted to open a tobacconist in his home town Apeldoorn. That dream was never fulfilled.

But now, with the purchase of the La Casa del Habano Maastricht, Alkemade is following his passion and dreams. And his partner in the LCDH Maastricht is Stanley Cliff Stet. Stet is known as cigarsmokernl on Instagram. Combined the two have over 50k Instagram followers.

The new ownership goes into effect today. And new ownership means changes. The current requirement to buy a membership to smoke in the lounge will be canceled. Plus there is a brand new website. Since both entrepreneurs are younger, they understand the need for a good online presence, hence the new website.

La Casa del Habano Maastricht (photo credit:

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