Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Kraken is coming to The Netherlands. The big ring cigars will be available soon in shops all around the country. Kraken is part of the Condega cigar family and made in Nicaragua.

The cigars are available in three sizes. All three come packed in tins.

Those three sizes are all big ringed. The thinnest cigars have a ring of 70, the largest is an 80 ring cigar. The length of the cigars goes from 4½ inch to 8 inches.

The sizes

The smalles cigar is the Miticos. That’s a 4½x70 fat nub. But the price is unbeatable. A single Miticos has a price tag of only €3,50. A tin of 8 will set you back €28. The Miticos has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The binder is Indonesian. The fillers are all Nicaraguan.

The second size is a 7×70 Fanaticos. Those will come in at 4 euro each. A tin of 8 cigars has a price tag of 32 euro. The blend is almost equal to the Miticos. But because the Indonesian binder could not hold all the filler, a second binder was added. The second binder is a Nicaraguan Habano.

The largest cigar is the Lunaticos. And that means lunatic in Spanish. Even though an 8×80 cigar isn’t new, it’s still a crazy size. So the lunaticos name is well chosen. The blend is the same as the Fanaticos, with the double binder. The cigars will be prices at 5 euro each. Each tin contains 7 cigars, and will cost 35 euro.

Ministry of Cigars Kraken is coming to The Netherlands
The three different Kraken sizes

According to distributor Longfiller Company, the cigars will arrive soon. Distribution to Dutch retailers will start as soon as the cigars are cleared by customs. Lovers of big ringed cigars can pre-order the cigars at their local retailers. The cigars are already available in Austria and Switzerland. And now Kraken is coming to The Netherlands.

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