Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

King of Ashes at Tabakado Meet & Greet 2019. That’s the nickname of Royal Danish Cigar owner Jan Vistisen. Just like last year, Vistisen will be present at Het Oude Wandelpark in Valkenswaard for the Tabakado Meet & Greet.

Royal Danish Cigars builds on the history of the Danish royals and tobacco. The love affair between the Danish royal family and the devil’s weed is centuries long. Denmark is still one of the largest pipe tobacco countries in the world, where many beautiful blends are made. But it’s not pipe tobacco only. Cigars are popular too and Royal Danish Cigars brought the love for tobacco and the Royals together to celebrate the longtime love affair.

The brand made a name for itself with a cigar with Swarovski diamonds and gold dusted cigars. But there are several blends right now, from budget-friendly cigars to very high end. And not only cigars but Vistisen also created Rumnac, a blend between Caribbean rum and XO Cognac. Let’s see what surprise he pulls out of his hat for the Tabakado Meet & Greet 2019.

Meet & Greet 2019

The Meet & Greet 2019 will take place at Cafe Restaurant Het Oude Wandelpark in Valkenswaard. Tickets are available at for €90. Tickets include cigars and a barbecue. Plus hanging out with a group like-minded cigar aficionados and industry people. Jeremy Casdagli from Casdagli Cigars and Juan Lopez are confirmed. Mariska Kelch is there and can be considered a cigar brand owner too, with her El Piño Blanco brand. And now the king of ashes, Jan Vistisen, is confirmed for Tabakado’s Meet & Greet 2019. At least one more name will be revealed in the next few days.

Ministry of Cigars King of Ashes at Tabakado Meet & Greet 2019
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