Date: March 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Eighteen months ago, the Swedish cigar distributor Kind Cigars released a Caldwell cigar exclusive for Sweden. The cigars were released in a Corona Gorda size, under de name KC Black. The KC in the name stands for Kind Cigars. Although, if you figured that the K was for Kind and the C for Caldwell nobody would mind.

When the cigars were released they were already aged for three years at the Caldwell Cigars aging rooms. And they were only released in a Corona Gorda vitola. But that was not the only vitola rolled. Kind Cigars and Caldwell opted for three vitolas, including a toro and a robusto and those sizes have been released earlier this week.

Ministry of Cigars KC Black

Even though there is eighteen months of difference between the release of the Corona Gorda and the Robusto and Toro sizes, the cigars were rolled in the same period, making these cigars somewhere between four to five years old.

The cigars will be released in a very small batch, only 2000 cigars per vitola. The cigars are made with Negrito, San Vicente, Corojo fillers. The binder in Sumatra and the wrapper is a unique Arapiraca Connecticut hybrid Oscuro. The MSRP is 12 euro for the robusto and 13 euro for the toro.

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  1. This was the best cigar I ever had period

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