June 2020

Kaizad Hansotia from Gurkha in hot water. The flamboyant Gurkha Cigars owner is an outspoken supporter of President Trump. His Facebook timeline was full of links and memes with support for the president. But Hansotia deleted his Facebook after creating an uproar within the online cigar community.

Black lives matter

In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, Hansotia went to Facebook and posted “why do black lives only matter when killed by whites. Shouldn’t their lives matter when killed by other black people too.”. To add insult to injury, Hansotia than shared a meme by the apparel brand Heroic Outfitters about George Floyd’s criminal past. Heroic Outfitters Facebook page, by the way, is filled with right-winged memes and rhetorics.

Ministry of Cigars - Kaizad Hantosia from Gurkha in hot water
Ministry of Cigars - Kaizad Hantosia from Gurkha in hot water

Screenshots from Hansotia’s Facebook posts were shared in many of the Facebook cigar groups. That caused public outrage. Hansotia’s Facebook page is no longer visible.

Call to boycott

The Krimson Society, a membership society exclusive to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, called for a boycott of Gurkha, amongst other companies that shared the same rhetorics. 

“It makes no sense to recount the series of tragic events that have placed our country in another moment of racial tension and upheaval. From Amaud Abuery, Brionna Taylor to George Floyd. The events that we have borne witness to continue to serve as a sobering reminder of the work we as Americans must continue to do to value and improve the lives of its Black citizens. With that said, there are still those companies and individuals, who have stated their vocal opposition to such efforts. This has been exemplified in instances of several cigar and spirits companies and owners publishing racially insensitive and inflammatory social media posts. We, the Krimson Society, say enough is enough.

Let it be known that the Krimson Society, comprised of a membership of 20,000 African American and Latino men, representing every profession including cigar lounges, retail stores, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants; will be boycotting all cigar lines and spirits brands that promote such racial insensitivity. In addition, we will be taking the following actions: 

1. Mobilizing with all African American cigar and spirit societies throughout the country to create a national boycott list.

2. Sending letters to all major cigar distributors, retailers, and lounges and liquor distributors, in areas with a significant African American demographic, to discontinue sales of your products.

3. Send press releases to all trade and news media on social media posts found to be racially inflammatory.

We will begin the process to take these three actions effective immediately.

To be clear, no product is worth sacrificing the value and meaning of life. None. Therefore, to all companies that are either openly defiant or disrespectful to the current movement at hand, we say to you: If our Black Lives do not matter to you then your products do not matter to us. 

PS: @gurkhacigars #americanbarrels you are both officially put on notice

The Krimson Society on Instagram
Ministry of Cigars - Kaizad Hansotia from Gurkha in hot water

It is without a doubt that Gurkha Cigars will hurt. A large part of the cigar community will now boycott the brand. And not only cigar smokers, but many tobacconists, especially the black-owned retailers will stop supporting Gurkha. 

Gurkha’s response

The official Gurkha Facebook page stated a message “To our Gurkha Nation: Kaizad Hansotia, owner of Gurkha Cigars, had erroneous posts on his private Facebook account. We believe the account was hacked, and it has since been deleted. The posts made in no way reflect the beliefs of this company.” Considering the fact that Hansotia has been posting pro-President Trump memes, right-winged propaganda, and (often already debunked) conspiracy theories, this statement won’t be believed by many people. The comments underneath the message are pretty clear about that.

And even if the hacker story is true, Gurkha should have come with a stronger statement, supporting the black community in their fight for equality and a fair justice system. To Gurkha, we would like to say #blacklivesmatter. As a result of Hansotia’s comments and Gurkha’s weak response, we have decided to pull the scheduled Gurkha Marquesa review that was planned for next week. Until Hansotia and Gurkha own up to their actions, no other Gurkha cigars will be reviewed.

UPDATE: Kaizad Hansotia published a statement, both in video and written on the Gurkha Facebook Page.

Last week there were very insensitive and disrespectful posts made on my Facebook account. Unfortunately, I WAS hacked though it didn’t come to my attention for a couple of days, and I have since deleted ALL of my social media as a precaution. The posts in question were made on my FACEBOOK and not my Instagram account, which had no such content. I know the fact that I was hacked is difficult to believe considering some of my previous political posts, but it is those political posts that most likely put me in people’s crosshairs as a target of the hacking. As a company, we stay away from being political, but let me be very clear about something… Racism is NOT a political issue. Injustice is NOT a political issue. These are HUMAN issues that cannot be tolerated and should be important to everyone, regardless of political affiliation. I stand by peaceful protests, and I believe what we are witnessing today is way too long overdue. We should not and cannot stand by and watch or support racism on a personal or an institutional level. I am humbled and ashamed that I have hurt anyone or have made any comments in the past that would in any way lend itself to this injustice. I am also ashamed that anything I may have done would make my employees look bad or reflect poorly on the company because that is simply unfair to them and also does not reflect their individual beliefs, and yet, my actions are hurting them.

As a company, we have supported the fight against injustice and organizations fighting for change. We, as a company, do not make a habit of speaking of our charitable contributions because we do not give to organizations for the purpose of good PR, we give support because it is our social responsibility and our efforts to enact change. We will continue to partner with, and support, these organizations, and the end to inequality. Black lives matter. Eradicating racism matters. Ending injustice matters. Standing together as a community matter.

If you want to reach out personally, you can email me at KH@gurkhacigars.com.

Kaizad Hansotia on the Gurkha Facebook page.

People who have seen Hansotia’s Facebook during the last few years will realize that the offensive posts aren’t out of character. It was not the first anti Black Lives Matter post on his Facebook. No proof of the hack was provided and that’s why many cigar smokers, including us, don’t believe the statement. On a personal note, I would like to say: Kaizad, if you would have said “I’m sorry I offended so many people” and then explain what you meant with your post, but stand for what you said and mean, I would have respected that. I would still strongly disagree with it, but I would have respected that. Deleting your Facebook account and hiding behind a lame, and fishy “I was hacked” excuse is a cowardly move. If you talk the talk, then walk the walk.

70 thoughts on “Kaizad Hansotia from Gurkha in hot water

  1. I for one dont buy Gurkha cigars anymore. Not because i agreed or disagreed with his comments. I stopped buying because he was a wuss and bowed to the woke culture instead of standing for what he believes in. P.s. Congrats George Floyd, almost a year drug free

    1. your last sentence shows that you fully agreed with Hansotia’s racist comments.

  2. This blm shit is crazy already , how about white people marching and looting when a black person kills a white or cops going crazy when one of them are shot by a gang member (white or black) it dosent matter what color u are we all bleed the same, All lives matter , period and his account was hacked , and if it wasnt hacked he has freedom of speech anyway , this blm shit is way out of hand

    1. he wasn’t hacked, freedom of speech doesn’t mean there is freedom of consequences. 93% of all protests were peaceful. Have a good day.

      1. Maybe 93% were, I don’t care about metrics to justify bad behavior by anyone. We are good with not being the 7% that had their businesses or livelihood destroyed or not getting murdered or beet by a mob, a bit selfish. That being said the idiots basically destroyed their own neighborhoods, of course they did bring in thugs form out of town also that didn’t’ have jobs and had plenty of energy to tear things up. Mentally Weak, Emotionally Weak, overwhelming number Physically Weak, worst of all Spiritually Weak, and we have the unmitigated audacity to expect something different form the average citizen in the country, well that’s just arrogant. We are a crumbling society based on the acceptance on the idiotic things that are occurring. I believe people will get what they are asking for, but based on the prevailing ignorance it will not be what they expect. Good luck we will need it since God is so dutifully ignored.

  3. Obviously you didn’t click on the link above so go back up see the link the man posted make sure you read the ENTIRE thread and trust and believe you will have your answer… Shit couldn’t be no better put than that 👏👏👏

  4. I grew up with him. He’s a racist, sexist, dishonest to the core. And he was born rich. I have never smoked a cigar in my life but am thrilled this community is holding him to account.

  5. He should’ve left the posts and his Facebook page intact. Enough is enough, fuck anyone that doesn’t like what he says, they are probably not customers anyway. And if they are, do they buy his cigars or his politics?

    Liberalism has become a mental disorder, and anyone who panders to it is a fucking fool

    1. I agree that he should have kept his Facebook page up and not hide behind a ‘hacked’ lie. So that everyone could see the racism that he was posting. As for your “they weren’t his customers anyway”, that is not true, Gurkha was smoked by a lot of people in the black community.

      Racism is the mental disorder, and everyone supporting is is a fucking racist tool. Hiding behind fake names on the internet, and they you have the audacity to call me a coward? You are a joke, a big joke.

  6. As long as you serve the public that comprises of all people, you have to be neutral. Money is not about race. If you are not neutral, you will lose customers. I have my views about life etc., but l am not going to do anything to mess my money source. I believe I need to be responsible as a servant of the public. It is what it is. Nobody out here will protect what is mine except for me. It is part of being an adult, public servant, and former military person.

  7. I have to agree WHY is it that Black on Black murder rate is at 98% and that does not matter. When a few bad cops that are white make it that all white people are wrong and racist.. I don’t really care for the Gurkha cigars I stand with freedom of Speech and the FACTS..

    1. We have freedom of speech. I am all for freedom of speech, but there is a responsibility that comes that freedom. As long as you serve the public that comprises of all people, you have to be neutral. Money is not about black or white. If you are not neutral, you will lose customers. I have my views about life etc., but l am not going to do anything to mess my money source. I believe I need to be responsible as a servant of the public. It is what it is. Nobody out here will protect what is mine except for me. It is part of being an adult, public servant, and former military person.

    2. nobody here claims all white people are wrong and racist.

      I’m glad you stand for freedom of speech, the freedom that all who opposed to racism and the words of Kaizad Hansotia used. And I’m also glad you acknowledge facts, such as the fact that he posted racist and insensitive shit.

  8. I am shocked that an international company would cave to a simple-minded boycott threat by the Krimson Society and the feigned “outrage” of lily-leftists. WHAT has happened to the 1st Amendment rights of an individual? Suddenly, this country is cowtowing to mob rule which–frankly–has little regard for the rights of anyone BUT the mob. Kaizad Hansotia’s comments may be objectionable to some, but they were published on a private site under his name, and not as Gurkha policy. Want to talk about “insignificance and pettiness”? How dare you publicly disparage his name and reputation and invade his private life for commentary made on a site which had absolutely nothing to do with Gurkha OR referenced the brand in ANY of the comments.

    How has this America suddenly become so very sensitive that we chastise others for expressing their constitutional free-speech right in a personal opinion? Where was the sit-down with Kaizad to discuss the matter and handle it in-house rather than publicly chastise, embarrass, and disparage the name of a good man? Remove his name from future packaging? Seriously? Kaizad Hansotia IS Gurkha. And vice-versa. Exactly WHOM is demonstrating pettiness with that move?

    I am truly ashamed and outraged that Gurkha has willingly submitted to the barely-there mentality of mob rule. I’ve been a devoted supporter and advocate of Gurkha for nearly 10 years now. Whatever was said by Hansotia on his self-named (ergo, private) page was expressed under a constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech. Apparently, the mentality of the few at Gurkha have decided to align themselves and the company with this leftist, socialist-dribble mentality of the mob. BE ashamed, Gurkha. You’ve proved you have no backbone–NONE–and absolutely NO regard for the American Constitution or the rights it guarantees its CITIZENS. Mob rule won’t be satisfied with your leftist apology. Mob rule demands submission. So, what’s next? Change the name also? You’d better hope that the Krimson Society (with their self-proclaimed 20k members) carries the Gurkha-brand forward from here. Maybe since you’ve bent over for them, you could ask them to publicly promote the brand … and hope it happens?

    As for me, Gurkha will NEVER see another penny of my money. And I’m fairly certain I am NOT the only premium cigar smoker who feels this way. BUT, I will be watching for how you bend over to mob rule the next time.

    1. Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom of consequences. Yes, Kaizad Hansotia has the freedom to say dumb, insensitive and even racist stuff. Yet everybody else has the right to call for a boycott over those words. That falls under tadaaaaa FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Something you hold so high in regard. But just like als the righty-right guys like you only like freedom of speech when it’s applied to one side.

      As a lawyer (judging by your mail address) you should know better than the stuff you just wrote.

      1. How is it racist When bad people when two criminals cross paths and the other one kills the other. Neither one was of good character. My question is why would one have a badge that should have been taken long before that tragic occurrence and why was the other one still using drugs and continuing to subvert the law. They both were historic law breakers and narcissistic violent individuals who were self serving and selfish. Their past lives prove this point. Lets burn town and destroy our country over two criminals, now there is an idea. Responsibility and accountability escapes us all at points in our life. At both of their ages that should be in their past. I say we let the elite continue to separate us and rob us blind because we are so stupid we deserve it. Oh lets keep making organizers rich spewing hate and separation while they buy million dollar homes. This entire event in this country is pitiful. Maybe we should do something about people graduating high school with elementary reading and math skills. Promote education, I guess that’s too much work. Truth and honesty have a way of making some people uncomfortable. That some seems to be growing. Ignorance and stupidity foment fear and criminal behavior. Lets go back to school and develop our minds our just take what we get and shut up.

        1. the point of this discussion was never if the cop was racist. It was always about Kaizad’s racism and his Facebook and Instagram feed proved his racism.

          I agree that there should be more focus on education, education should be free of affordable for everybody,.

      2. Ministry, who is the arbiter of when there should be consequences for any opinion?

        Should a gang of leftist thugs be able to threaten you and your livelihood for your political beliefs??

        Your response is that of a coward and twat

        1. Everybody is the arbiter. If you decide not to visit Ministry of Cigars anymore as a consequence of us drawing a line at racism, so be it. But that won’t change the fact that when it comes to racism (which is more than just a political believe), we will raise our voice.

          Your response is typical of a right winged Trump supporter, calling names immediately. Can’t you just debate without name calling? Now that is a mental disorder.

  9. Wrong again….that shows you know nothing about the black community we have meetings ,trying to come up with resolutions to these problems…………did you march for when the white boy kill all those people in the church? Or white man shot those black people at walmart for no reason??? No you didnt because it didnt peak your interest. .

  10. As a cigar smoker for over 20 years, supporting B&M stores, and one with a
    Large collection of cigars I will never purchase from this label,again. O

  11. Thank you

    1. As long as you serve the public that comprises of all people, you have to be neutral. Money is not about black or white. If you are not neutral, you will lose customers. I have my views about life etc., but l am not going to do anything to mess my money source. I believe I need to be responsible as a servant of the public. It is what it is. Nobody out here will protect what is mine except for me. It is part of being an adult, public servant, and former military person.

  12. I have bought many Gurkha cigars over the years, NEVER AGAIN!!!! Instead of releasing statements, try donating and volunteering to the black lives foundations you claim to support by proving it through the television media. Then, and only then, you can begin to atone for your insensitive comments!!!

  13. I will never again buy a Gurkha as cigars are my way of relaxing. Knowing how the despicable person leading the organization has put a bad taste in my mouth preceding any Gurkha cigar. The ONLY way to go back to smoking is the resignation of Kaizad and contributing to BLM freedom causes.

  14. It’s amazing to me how Black Live only seem to MATTER to these racist bigots when our BLACK DOLLARS are withdrawn! We must INVEST IN OURSELVES! BLACK LIVES AND BLACK DOLLARS MATTER! We are Mighty and Strong! Keep Up The Good Work!

  15. I’ve supported this brand for years. That support ended today. Your views your choice. My support, my choice.

  16. As a man I believe you stand by your beliefs, so if this is how you feel stand by it. This is still the USA you are allowed to have your view, just know you should be prepared for others (your customers) to do the same.

  17. I’m a cigar smoker & I’m very disappointed by those racial statements..I will purchase a gurkha cigar again neither will my associates

  18. His account was hacked…..em yeah, because this post was totally out of synch with what he normally posts.

    It’s bad enough that he charges outrageous prices for OK’ish cigars to claim that he sells the most expensive cigars (that end up in the bargain bin in stores anyway), but I would imagine there’s no recovering from something like this for a brand!

    1. Welp, I’m a fresh off the line, non-experienced cigar smoker, and I plan to buy products from them regardless of their beliefs. Yes destroy a company because of an opposition of opinion. Good idea. If you think you’re helping anyone but your own hubris by boycotting a cigar manufacturer because they have a different opinion than you, then you’re actually part of the problem.

      1. To take a life is a not Race is not a thing. In no way should bad or deadly behavior be condoned by anyone. I does not matter the situation. When you get two of the same kind of people together bad things happen. Criminals get hurt, they ask to be, just as they hurt people who do not. This is not about race, this is about behavior out of control. Your choices and your character determine this. Reality means nothing today. The facts and truth mean nothing unless it meets the prevailing narrative.

      2. Well said.

      3. The man has the courage to speak the truth and he’s labeled a racist. The obvious point is to make it clear you either fall in line or you’re labeled a bigot. He simply stated the truth. The only lives that matter are the ones the mob say matter.

        1. The kicker is BLM was a money grab for their personal gain but notice how you don’t see anything on that lol. They took the money enriched their lives then stepped down knowing no one would hold them accountable, pure genius. Not one cent for the lives they claim matter so much but they knew the game yell racism and companies along with blacks will give up that cash and they will vanish until the next white cop kills a black which is the only time they will react. You can seperate enough blacks from their money easily and these people along with certain politician’s are experts at it. Throw some slavery in mixed with a little your being killed more by police etc boom your a hit. Its no accident other people have came to this country and figured it out and have strong communities because they actually pull together vs being fed empty promises, waiting for someone to save them from the things they tell you are holding you back. They will continue to use blacks because they can and move on when they have their pockets full and tell you big corp is the enemy meanwhile cashing those checks from them smh. When it saw the commercial for Cadillac with tameka mallory I lmao, like wasn’t she on some big corp should be marching with us etc. Guess that’s what the black community needs more Escalades from Cadillac and problem’s solved. Nope they know blacks will go out and buy their products even if they could care less about their comminities. Its all empty gesters with a pay day so they will continue to use those who are so wiling to be used. so hey smoke up don’t let them divide us who enjoy the beauty of having a stick with whom ever no matter. Let those who need something to blame have at it.

          1. again, and that makes Hansotia’s racist remarks okay? You can point at others as much as you want, but Hansotia made those comments and faces the consequences. If you want to go after the ones that abused the situation, good for you, as any abuse should be investigated and abusers should be exposed. But the fact is that Hansotia made racist comments, and pays for it.

            About the money grab, https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/04/19/fact-check-misleading-claim-blm-co-founders-real-estate/7241450002/

        2. the man posts racist shit and gets labeled a racist. The obvious point is that if you spread hate and ignorance, you’ll face consequences.

      4. Please explain to me the negative ramifications of not supporting businesses whose beliefs aren’t in line with the consumers.

        1. Let’s say I do not support someone who is running for office, but a company that I patronize does. Large companies tend to donate to the political campaigns of the people they support.

          I don’t want the money I worked for going to candidates that I don’t feel have the people’s best interest in mind.

          Therefore I “vote with my dollar”

      5. You have no conviction to principle, clearly

      6. LOL… you have fun with that Bro.

        1. @MinistryofCigars
          If you really think cops are “killing black people for no reason” then you are lost and any attempt at having a half way intelligent conversation with you is a waste of time. You are an intellectually dishonest person as evidence by your avoiding anyone who presents coherent retort to your extremely biased positions. Best of luck to you in your hate filled life.

          1. I am sorry you feel the only resonsee to people you disagree with in the US is to boycott them. What a sick culture.

          2. not boycotting racism is sick

          3. I have facts on my side. And I’m not lowering myself to your level by name-calling. Google these names – Breonna Taylor, Daniel Shaver, Botham Jean, Elijah McClain. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All innocent, no priors, minding their own business but killed by white cops. And all those other killings and beatings of people by cops. Cops aren’t supposed to be judges and executioners, but some of them behave that way. And others let them get away with it. Those are stone cold facts.

            Ignoring facts, now that is dishonest. And I’m not filled with hate. Unlike you, you are clearly very angry and verbally aggressive behind your keyboard and hidden identity.

            You talk about trying to have a halfway intelligent conversation. You tell me, how is that possible with you? Do you think that name calling is part of an intelligent conversation? If so, then you are wrong!

            Now once you matured enough to converse without resorting to that immature, agressive, hate-filled tactic you can come back. Until then, please stay away. I have better things to do than to listen and respond to insults from some anonymous keyboard warrior.

      7. If you support racism you’re part of the problem

        1. im confused…is there no truth to his question? Because black on black crime happens way more than white cops killing black people….can someone please educate me 🙏I ask this in the most honest and sincere way possible. Yes black lives do matter, of course they do…but how come more people aren’t outraged by the young black men and women killing each other? How come riots didn’t break out in Chicago when the black on black death toll reached an all time high?
          And I agree, Hansotia should have walked the walk instead of hiding behind that lame ass excuse….btw, Gurkhas suck balls anyways he lost this customer long before these dumbass comments he made….

          1. Ok , one more time. Most black people are killed by black people 80%-white people are killed by mostly white people, roughly 77% , all races tend to kill those like them, as far as race goes . Hi many times must this be explained!!!!!!!#idiots

          2. And that’s a reason to be okay with Kaizad’s racism? I don’t think so

          3. well said….thank you for clarity on this matter

          4. and I did read the Twitter link posted in here all it is is asking the same question I am asking…I am in no way trying to be combative or argumentative I really want to understand the BLM movement and why people get hysterical when other people say “all lives matter” I’m confused…and for the record I do support BLM bc black lives do matter but in my heart I always want to follow with the statement “all lives matter” but I don’t say it bc it offends black people…”of course black lives matter, all lives matter to me” is what I really want to say but can someone please tell me why it is offensive to care about black people and along with all other life? And I aint trynna here from some white dude I want someone who is black to please explain this because if you are not black then you cannot possibly understand what they have to go through and how it affects a black person personally regarding BLM…I just want to have a deeper knowledge and clear understanding of the BLM movement 🙏

          5. These comments were just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s taken completely out of the context of the BLM movement. The black on black violence is thugs killing each other. BLM is about cops killing black people for no reason, and about institutional racism that black people face on a daily basis. About black people fearing for their life when they get pulled over by the police even if they did not do anything wrong. About the abuse of power.

            Posting George Floyd’s criminal history (for which he did time, and he hasn’t been in trouble since even moved to a different city to get away from his past life) served no purpose other than justifying his murder. The cop, Derek Chauvin, had a longer rep sheet though, with quite the body count.

            Add that to years of borderline racist, or even full-blown racist (Reagan feeding a chimpanzee with the text “Reagan babysitting Obama” for example), postings and memes on Hansotia’s Facebook and it results in people calling him out for the racist that he is. He used his freedom of speech but forgot there is no freedom of consequences. He paid the price for running his mouth.

            As for Gurkha cigars, I dislike most but there are a few good blends. It all depends on which factory they use. Ghost (made by PDR) is good, Treinta (made by TABSA/Aganorsa) is also good. But on the whole, I think at least 85% of their lines I won’t smoke again. So can’t blame you for not smoking them.

        2. He didn’t say he supported racism.. why don’t we riot over the daily gang killings that go on… oh those are black on black crimes…KH is really a down to earth guy who I’ve met numerous times at cigar events

          1. There is another posting of Reagan with a chimpanzee and the text “Ronald Reagan babysitting Barack Obama in 1962”. Are you still claiming he isn’t racist?

        3. I work hard for my money, and I chose to spend it on a business I like to support. I have a choice. People talk about freedom of speech, but forget the responsibility of that freedom. Kaizad Hansotia’s money comes from the public patronizing his business. His responsibility for having that freedom while serving the public is being situationally aware of his surroundings. I never had an issue with his beliefs, stand, affiliation, etc. but certain things cross the line. He doesn’t need my money to survive. People that share similar views will support him. For the sake of this conversation, I am not promoting his brand anymore.

        4. However, the point is valid: why doesn’t BLM march and protest when some innocent black kid is shot during a gun fight between black gangs? It happens way more than police killings of blacks. Clean up your own yard first.

          1. Reading is fundamental! The writer just gave you a link in response to such deflective mindsets. After reading it, and there next time a black cop kills an innocent white person, don’t protest it, just ask yourself why aren’t we protesting all of the white on white crimes?!!

            You’re a part of the problem.

          2. The same reason nobody protests when somebody shoots theyre neighbor in a fight, or when somone shoots theyre wife or husband. Regular murders are almost always done by people who know the other person. Most white people like me (assumptions make an ass out of us all, but im still gonna assume you are white too) are murdered by other white people…..any dumbass theorys on why?

          3. You are obviously not paying attention. There have been many marches and roundtables on black on black crime. I GUESS ITS NOT IN YOUR WOLRD???

          4. You should take your own advise. Don’t get mad at me because you stuck your foot in your mouth. I’m a strong believer that change is necessary as evident from my previous replies, but like I said, you can’t be half a** about it. It is either always and for all situations or not at all. And don’t try to tell me I don’t or can’t understand, my family came off the boats from Italy back when Italians were considered trash in this country, couldn’t get good work, were profiled by police. I grew up listening to the stories of my grandparents and great uncles about being yoked up by police just because of their slick dark hair and olive skin, or refused service from businesses because they were ‘dirty immigrants’. And let me tell ya, for Italians family and community are huge parts of our culture, but do you think if I made a comment that Italian American lives only mattered when Irish, Jew or Black cops were killing us, that my people would take me serious?

            Life either matters all the time, or it doesn’t. You can’t jump up and down screaming and throwing a fit only when someone is killed by a cop, but then do nothing, say nothing, protest nothing about the hundreds more that are killed from gangs, crime, drugs, etc. and expect to have the message respected. That is ignorance!

            It’s All The Time or nothing. Troll on that.

          5. Wait a minute…your comment literally just affirmed that BLM thinks the only time black lives matter is when a black person is killed by a tax dollar funded member of authority.

            “black gangs aren’t paid by tax dollars money, police officers are.”

            How does that work? More importantly how does that justify the BLM movement? Black lives only matter when police kill black people but the rest of the time we don’t care? Come on now, that’s just ridiculous. It’s either All The Time or not at all, you can’t be halfway committed to something of such magnitude.

          6. do you clearly not see the difference? Or are you just trolling? I also said “the black lives matter movement is about more than that”, which you completely ignore. Do some research first before you say ignorant things. Please do, I urge you.

          7. black gangs aren’t paid by tax dollars money, police officers are. And the Black Lives Matter movement is about more than that.

        5. I don’t support racism. I also don’t support destroying businesses, peoples lives, targeting groups of people for political and social gain, I don’t support the many people who had to close their shops up during covid, just to have a bunch of looters burn their businesses down, break into them and steal, and attack people trying to defend their livelihood and their families. (black businesses as well). I don’t support vandalizing historical monuments, even the black monuments that were vandalized. I don’t support the people who threaten to break into my home and kill my family, or burn my house down, because of an opposition of opinions. I don’t support defunding the police, because of all the innocent children, women, elderly, and men That will be impacted by it. And I certainly do not support the ideal that I have to be sorry for stuff I have never done, to people who have never been in chains, and whom I’ve never done wrong to. This. All this is racism. Not just white on black. The world was listening to these people before they decided to act out like a bunch of children and do what they’ve done under the “guise” of protesting. It’s an excuse. And honestly if you can’t feel bad for the innocents who have been killed, businesses destroyed, and been impacted in any negative way, then you’re far worse than a racist.

          1. “why do black lives only matter when killed by whites. Shouldn’t their lives matter when killed by other black people too.” I am trying to figure out how that this is a racist statement. I do see racist crap on this post though, and stupid also. Pitiful to say the least. More death and destruction are just that. Education to eliminate ignorance, well that takes real dedication and thought, man that’s just to hard. I can see that, since the average IQ has dropped since the Victorian age and almost all magazines, web articles and books in the United States are written on an eighth grade level, and an overwhelming percentage of our population are have reading issues. I have no illusions of why we have what’s happening in our country. Ignorance and stupidity mixed with materialism and self-entitlement prevails, this is not a black white thing, it is a lazy, ignorant stupid thing. Get mad and piss and moan, I am not wrong.

          2. You must be a white giy🤔

          3. 100% agree. The platform was ripe for real change. Cops were finally being held accountable, people from all walks of life were speaking out and standing up. But the opportunity to affect real change has been marred by the criminal acts of the rioting mob. This isn’t protesting, this is domestic terrorism, and I hope that these rioters haven’t destroyed the chances of change. As for BLM – black lives should always matter, but where is the protest against the gangs killing hundreds of black Americans every year? Where are the protests over black American police officers slaughtered in the line of duty. Where are the protests against the drug dealers peddling death to young black children on a daily basis? The black gangs robbing and killing black business owners of their own communities? Black lives have to matter all the time, not on a selective basis based on media fueled hysteria. All The Time! Otherwise the progress gained is inevitably lost. As for K. Hansotia, I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it sucks, however, bashing a dead man with things that have nothing to do with the situation resulting in his death is just wrong, distasteful and pathetic, even if they are true. Regardless of whether they are true or not, no one deserves what happened to Mr. Floyd. It was murder, and I hope that his family sees justice served on all of the officers involved. The time for holding police accountable is long overdue. In the words of Dr. MLK, Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right”.

          4. deflection alert, deflection alert. Whataboutism in play.

            Plus, you assume that everyone who stands up against racism automatically doesn’t feel bad for the innocents killed (hey, it all started when an innocent man got killed, you forgot about that?), businesses etc etc, which makes you the real problem.

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