Date: June 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Kaizad Hansotia resigns from Gurkha. In the aftermath of the extremely insensitive Facebook posting made by the Gurkha president and CEO, he now resigns. Last Saturday, two posts were seen on Hansotia’s personal Facebook post. A negative comment about the Black Lives Matter movement, plus a meme with the criminal record of George Floyd. Now, even though the criminal record of George Floyd is factual, it does not change a thing that he is killed by a police officer who also has an impressive record. Plus other screenshots from the past showed up, with even more disgusting content.

Ministry of Cigars - Kaizad Hansotia resigns from Gurkha

When the online cigar community reacted with outrage, Hansotia deleted his Facebook account. Gurkha released a statement that they believe that Hansotia’s account was hacked. But not many people believed that, as the posts were in line with the posts that he made over the last few years. Up till now, Gurkha keeps insisting that Hansotia was hacked. But no proof has been provided. Gurkha should post some evidence and a police report of the hacking. When the future of your company is endangered by a hacker, the FBI is brought in. That none of this happened will only fuel the beliefs of the sceptics.

Gurkha’s statement

Due to recent events, Kaizad Hansotia is resigning his position as the Chairman of Gurkha, effective immediately. Jim Colucci will assume the role of CEO and President of the company. Mr. Colucci has been with Gurkha since January 1, 2019, when he assumed full operational control. In addition, once our current packaging inventory is depleted, future packaging will no longer bear the name K. Hansotia. At Gurkha, we believe smoking a cigar should always be an enjoyable and unifying experience.

We are outraged and saddened at the content of previous posts made on Mr. Hansotia’s personal social media accounts. These in no way reflect the position or beliefs of the company, its founding mission, or its employees. We stand in solidarity against racism and for racial justice. We cannot and will not tolerate words or acts of hate, injustice, or oppression.

We understand that because of the actions of our founder, we must work to regain the trust of our customers and the cigar community. We look forward to working toward this goal together.

Gurkha Cigars

Jim Colucci

Colucci is an industry veteran. He was the Executive Vice President of marketing and sales for Altadis USA. And he’s the CEO of Sindicato for the last 7 years. Sindicato is distributed by Gurkha cigars. That’s how Colucci got involved with Gurkha. As the Gurkha statements says, Colucci already had operational control. But now he’s promoted to the role of CEO.

During the Gurkha Town Hall meeting that just took place, Gurkha announced that Hansotia will be selling his share in the company. Hansotia has a 50% stake in Gurkha. But it will take time, as it is a complicated situation. Gurkha is actively looking for a buyer for Hansotia’s stake. Jim Colucci mentioned that it will take at least 45 days before any news can be revealed.


In our earlier article, we said we would boycott Gurkha due to the posts of Hansotia. Now that Hansotia resigned and is selling his shares in Gurkha, we no longer feel the need to boycott. The statements were made on Kaizad Hansotia’s personal account, and aren’t the opinion of the Gurkha and/or the employees. Therefore we don’t hold a grudge to the Gurkha brand and will post Gurkha news and reviews in the future. Normally we would say “we wish you success in your next endeavor” but to Kaizad Hansotia we say #blacklivesmatter and good riddance.

On a personal note, we give props to Jim Colucci, Juan Lopez, and Christine Martinez de Castro. It would have been an easy decision to cancel the town hall zoom since Kaizad Hansotia resigned. Yet, they decided to host the show anyway, knowing that they would face plenty of angry customers. That takes courage, more courage than their former president and CEO showed.

12 thoughts on “Kaizad Hansotia resigns from Gurkha

  1. Fast foward a year later BLM founder’s have lined their pockets and buying up millions of dollars worth of property in the neighborhoods of those they claim oppress them. Lol cant make this up.

    1. And that makes Hansotia’s racist remarks okay?

  2. This world should be built on mutual respect so I will reach out to you and say I respect your view/opinion and also understand your choice. Weather or not we choose to line his pockets or not, someone like this will always live a comfortable life due to his legacy, your self and I will not hurt him by not buying his brand and I’m sure there are many more then just your self who have stopped purchasing but it will take every single customer to stop in order for this to happen. I just enjoy this particular brand and others too but favourable to Gurkha. Lot of people say they are not very good and just as many do like them, it’s the old saying I like the Gurkha cigars very much but am I going to cut off my own nose just to spite my face ? nope I’m gonna keep enjoying them. Stay safe 😊

  3. He’s not selling his second hand iPhone, drop it on eBay job done, he’s selling his shares in a 30 + million dollar a year company so it’s gonna take a bit more time then a 99.8% eBay sellers advert to find a buyer for the 50% + shares that he has. Not defending him in anyway just saying not many people or companies have 15 million + laying around to invest these days. I’ve got a couple of grand in savings, I might make an offer 🙂

    1. and until he sold it (which was promised to be within 180 days, and I know for a fact that there were a few parties interested), I’m not buying Gurkha. I don’t want to line the pockets of that racist.

      And you’ll be surprised how many people have 15 million or more at hand. Imperial sold their 50% of Habanos for a lot more

  4. It is unfortunate and of course the comments made on the social media accounts were terrible. But as the company said it in no way reflects their beliefs. It’s a bit like when the Gurkha soldiers who served in World War 1 and 2 were told to leave the United Kingdom after they kept us all safe and fought for all of our freedom, how many of you kicked up a fuss when this was going on ?? anyone ?? I will still be purchasing Gurkha cigars

    1. As long as you are purchasing Gurkha, you are lining the pockets of Kaizad Hansotia. He still hasn’t sold his shares

  5. All Lives Matter 💙

    1. We all no that all lives matter, but only one race lives are being taken everyday and nothing is being done.

      1. Fully agree with you Mel, 80% of people killed in police custody in Britain were white Christians, in Egypt the Christians are being murdered daily, it’s about time something was done to protect the white Christian minority on this planet, after all we are hard working honest law abiding people, let’s start a movement – White Christian lives matter, and convert everybody to a law abiding respectful, peaceful way of life, what a wonderful world it would be.

    2. All lives matter when Black Lives Matter

    3. oke Karen, would you like to speak to the manager?

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