December 2019

Kafie Cigars is coming to the United Kingdom. The Honduran cigar brand and Boutique Smokes agreed to distribute the cigars from Tabacalera Kafie y Cia on the British Market, starting soon. For the initial launch, the Kafie 1901 San Andres Toro and the Kafie 1901 Ecuadorian Robusto Largo were chosen. And from Kafie’s San Jeronimo line the Habano Natural Torpedo will be available.

The choice for Kafie Cigars 

Boutique Smokes founder Mike Choi told us “I’ve been following Dr. Gaby Kafie for a few years now and we have chatted on FB, discussing cigars and cigar politics (FDA). I met Dr. Gaby in person at the 2018 Intertabac in Dortmund and he reminded me immediately of my former employer, Edward Sahakian. Nothing to do with his looks but, it was the way he spoke and his manners. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn he was Armenian (every Armenian I have met has been virtually the same in their good manners, etiquette and people skills). He went to such lengths to not only speak to me but, also to cut and light a Kafie 1901 San Andres Toro for me to smoke. Whilst lighting it, he was apologizing for that as he knew I was more than capable of doing it myself. In fact, I felt the exact opposite. I am always humbled that someone would cut and light a cigar for me. “

“Fast forward 14 months, we have shaken hands and agreed on an initial offering of Kafie 1901 and San Jeronimo cigars for the U.K. market. Boutique Smokes is looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the U.K. with Kafie 1901 and our first boutique Honduran brand.” Choi continues.

Ministry of Cigars - An interview with Mike Choi

Kafie Cigars

Dr. Gaby Kafie responded as well. He said “One of the things many people don’t know is that Kafie 1901 is not about Gaby Kafie, it’s really a brand that represents the story of my grandparents in Central America. Our family has a history dating back to 1901 in Central America and Honduras. For me personally, it’s very important that this story is in the right hands. I’m not driven by sales, anyone can sell. The thing I always ask myself is “am I working with the right partner ?”. Mike Choi is the right partner. His greatest quality aside from his impressive resume in the premium cigar industry is his dynamic and loving personality. He is a people person, first and foremost. Mike Choi is a person that truly understands premium cigars from a Habanos point of view, and he appreciates “new world” cigars. I don’t believe he has a preference, I just firmly believe that he desires for his consumer base to take that journey and explore other great tobaccos (outside of Cuba). “

Kafie also explained “Over the past 6 years, we have been growing our company. Brand exposure and reach are two topics that I always think about. Partnering with Mike Choi will be an outstanding step forward for our team and quite possible other brands that are coming out of our factory as well. As with all other aspects of our business, I like to start slow and steady and build a strong foundation before we grow. I’m not in any rush to grow. The premium cigar business is not one where the word “rush” fits in. This is a business of legacies, and as such, they take a lifetime to achieve. Mike Choi is that partner. I pray and hope that we grow old together in this amazing industry. Lifting each other up to levels we could have never imagined. ” 

“I am honored and grateful for the opportunity Mike Choi has given Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia. We will put our best foot forward. We learn from the past so that we can improve the present, in hopes to one day achieve perfection. Mike Choi is the guy we want to take that journey with.“

The website of Boutique Smokes should be launched in the next few days, providing British smokers with boutique cigars from the new world.

Ministry of Cigars - Kafie Cigars is coming to the United Kingdom
Vivian & Dr. Gaby Kafie, Mike Choi & Joana Gonzales



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