Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Kafie Cigars available in Thailand. The Honduran cigars from Tabacalera Kafie y Cya are available in the South East Asian country now. Tabacalera Kafie and Kafie Trading Company entered a 2 year agreement with Cigar Emperor. That agreement gives Cigar Emperor the exclusive rights to distribute Kafie 1901 cigars in Thailand. 

Brand Ambassador

That Cigar Emperor is serious about building the Kafie cigar brands, Kafie 1901 and San Jeronimo. So serious that the distributor appointed a brand ambassador with Brian C Laudico. And Cigar Emperor has found a partner for the launching of new cigars in The Duke Contemporary Art Space in Bangkok, a well-known whisky and cigar bar. All of the cigars distributed by Cigar Emperor are stocked there as well.

Cigar Emperor is the company of Matthew T. Nekvapil. Other brands in the portfolio of Cigar Emperor are Davtian, Blanco, and Stay Fresh humidity packs. The company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and services several countries in South East Asia. For now, those other markets will have to wait. Kafie 1901 will be introduced in Thailand only for the time being. But Dr. Gaby Kafie did mention that there are plans to expand into other territories after proper introduction of the brands in Thailand.

Statement by Kafie Cigars

“I met Dr. Matthew T. Nekvapil while visiting Intertabac this past year, I was really impressed by his demeanor and overall positive energy” He is a connoisseur with a tremendous knowledge on all countries producing premium cigars and their respective brands, for us, it is a huge honor that he took a liking to our company, factory, and brands.” Dr. Gaby Kafie said.

He continues “When I first got into the business back in 2013, I learned the cigar manufacturing process from one of the greatest tobacco families to ever live. Rolando Reyes Sr. left behind a wealth of knowledge with his family and staff in Honduras. I attribute our success to this foundation (from a Cuban cigar maker), as well as to the entire team at Tabacalera Kafie. If you stick to the natural principles of processing tobacco and making blends success is inevitable. Anyone can roll a cigar, but can you tame the tobacco so it will deliver the good flavors connoisseurs are searching for. That is where the secret lies. “

“Over the past 3 years, we have assembled an amazing team of cigar makers in Honduras, who follow my guidance. Together we all work towards creating memorable smoking experiences. Together we are one. “When passion meets purpose, it’s amazing what you can achieve. We’re honored and grateful for the opportunities that have been given to us.” 


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