October 2018

JSK and Fratello release party in Norway. Nordic Cigars is releasing both Jas Sum Kral and Fratello in Norway. The cigar distributor does so at an event in Bergen this Friday. From 7 pm at Jacob Aall in Bergen, admission is 300 NKR.

The cigars that will be smoked that night are the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Lancero and the Fratello Classic Corona. Both cigars come from Nicaragua. Tabacalera Aragon produces Jas Sum Kral. Riste Ristevski from Jas Sum Kral is part owner of the factory. Fratello cigars have a relation with Joya de Nicaragua for the production of the cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - JSK and Fratello release party in Norway

Jas Sum Kral

Jas Sum Kral is the brand from Macedonian American Riste Riatevski. The name means “I am king” in Macedonian. The red knight is the first blend created by Riste Riatevski and Noel Rojas. Previously Rojas made the Jas Sum Kral cigars at his Tabacalera NOA. Differences in ideas caused Riatevski to switch to Tabacalera Aragon. Ristevski met Roniel Arago when the latter was the factory manager, blender, and head of quality control at Tabacalera NOA. With help from Ristevski, he can start Tabacalera Aragon. 


Fratello is the brand from former NASA analyst Omar de Frias. He left his six-figure job to pursue his dream of having his own cigar brand. He partnered up with the oldest factory in Nicaragua, Joya de Nicaragua, to create the Fratello brand. In the Dominican Republic, he partners with La Aurora. Also the oldest factory in the country.

Both brands are part of the Nordic Cigars family in Norway. That family also includes Daniel Marshall cigars & accessories, RoMa Craft, Cornelius & Anthony, Colibri, Caldwell Cigar Co, Les Fines Lames, and Protocol Cigars. To celebrate becoming part of the family, there is a JSK and Fratello release party.

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