Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Joya de Nicaragua adds Fundador to Cinco Decadas series. Cinco Decadas is the line that the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua released last year. It means 5 decades and was launched to celebrate the 50th birthday of the jewel of Nicaragua.

The original release consisted of two vitolas. The 6×54 Diadema, which we rewarded with a 95 score. And the 7×50 General. But now, a 6×54 soft pressed toro will be added. The name of the new cigars is Fundador.

Ministry of Cigars Joya adds Fundador to Cinco Decadas
photo courtesy of Joya de Nicaragua

Undisclosed blend and new line additions

Joya de Nicaragua never disclosed the blend. Mostly Nicaraguan and from the best tobaccos the company has in stock, that’s what was revealed. In a press release, Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, chairman, and owner of Joya de Nicaragua revealed new line additions for the coming years. “When we conceived the concept of the brand, we decided that every year until the next big anniversary, we would nationally release a size that would pay tribute to key characters that shaped the story of our company, and thus, today we commemorate the vision of two immigrant businessmen that transformed our country.” Those two businessmen are Juan Francisco Bermejo and Simón Camacho who helped to start the Nicaraguan cigar industry. But Cuenca’s words imply that new vitolas will be releases in 2020 and 2021.

While the American market will see the cigars on the shelves this month, the international launch is scheduled for September. The cigars will be revealed at the Intertabac trade show in Dortmund. Intertabac is the worlds largest tobacco trade show. It takes place on the third weekend of September. We will report from Intertabac, just like last year.

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