February 2024

The van strains against the steep ascent of an Estelí, Nicaragua mountain, emitting groans and occasionally slowing to a near halt. Just as it seems the aging vehicle might roll backward; it finally levels out on some even ground. Waiting for us is Jorge Padrón, the proprietor of Padrón Cigars Inc., with the expansive panorama of his newly acquired tobacco farm behind him.

Though he has kept it under wraps, Padrón acquired 90 manzanas (approximately 153 acres) of land on a high-altitude site in Nicaragua back in October. According to him, the new farm sits at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level.

“This farm is a formidable undertaking,” he remarks. “It’s been in the works for five years. We were scouting for new land in Estelí for quite some time, but the options were never promising. It usually resembled those craggy, rocky hills in the distance.” Padrón gestures towards the rugged terrain.

Named La Florinda in honour of Padrón’s mother, the farm is currently in the midst of its inaugural crop. Planting commenced in December after the completion of the transaction. While the majority of the acreage is designated for filler, Padrón hints at the possibility of cultivating wrapper tobacco as well. Currently, he is still exploring the potential of the land, which was formerly a cattle ranch.

Padrón notes that La Florinda is equivalent in size to his three other tobacco farms in Estelí combined. Consequently, he has opted to give one of his farms, Villa Vieja, the year off with no planting until the next season.

The Cuban-seed tobacco being grown at La Florinda mirrors that of his other Estelí farms. However, enthusiasts will have to wait a few more years to indulge, as the tobacco undergoes the necessary processes of fermentation and aging. Currently, Padrón is cultivating only 75 manzanas (about 128 acres) of the land.

When asked about the potential influence of high altitude on the tobacco, Padrón takes a puff of his cigar and nonchalantly shrugs. “We don’t know. It’s all uncharted territory.”

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