April 2020

Jessi’s blend coffee for charity. A few weeks ago, the Nicaraguan cigar artist Jessi Flores, asked for the help of the cigar community. His daughter Stephanie Nicole is in need of surgery and to afford the aftercare Jessi set up a fundraiser. But there was more help than just the fundraiser. The roasters from Janus Coffee Roasters created Jessi’s blend with the help of Flores. Coffee is one of Nicaragua’s natural resources, just like cigars and chocolate. The proceeds of the coffee are donated to the fundraiser.

And now there is a new blend. Cyclops. A 100% Nicaraguan dark roast with the rich full flavor of Nicaraguan Hancocks picked beans. Cyclops Specialty’s blend is grown in the highest regions of Matagalpa mountains 100% ensure you a perfect cup of bold coffee. Each order is freshly dark roasted. And again, the proceeds are going to Stephanie Nicole’s healthcare fund.

Stefanie Nicole

Jessi’s 20-year-old daughter Stephanie Nicole is ill and needs surgery. As a precaution, 3 small tumors and 1 large tumor will have to be removed from her left kidney. The doctor said that Stephanie Nicole won’t be able to endure chemo if the tumors spread into cancerous cells. The decision if very hard on the family, as Stephanie Nicole is enduring other health issues as well.

Stephanie Nicole has two holes in her heart, a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. She also has hypocalcemia, which means her bones are separating from her spinal cord, wrists, elbows, and knees due to blood deficiency. And she has kidney stones, which may not sound like a severe condition but with the upcoming procedure, it’s a risky addition to Stephanie Nicole’s issues.

The money from this fundraiser will go to all the special medication that Stephanie Nicole needs. It will also go to the special diet that the doctors prescribed, to get her healthy and strong enough for the surgery. A special medial bed was purchased, as well as an oxygen tank. For the aftercare, a nurse will have to be hired. And Stephanie Nicole will have to be moved for two reasons. She needs to be in a one-story home, as she has limited mobility and doesn’t have to be carried up and downstairs. Plus in a new home, she will be closer to Jessi, and closer to the doctor for the much-needed care. Due to the current pandemic, the procedure has been postponed. Stephanie is now in strict isolation, with local farmers dropping off food for the family a few times a week.

Cyclops and Jessi’s blend coffee

For the new Cyclops blend, Flores used his art skills to create a logo. He is inspired by the 3rd eye awakening and created a cyclops chicken as the artwork for the packaging. Janus Coffee Roasters only ships within the United States, so place your order for some fantastic Nicaraguan coffee and help industry legend Jessi Flores raise funds for his daughter. If you’re located anywhere else, reach out to your American contacts to help you get these unique coffee blends.

Ministry of Cigars - Jessi’s blend coffee for charity
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