Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Jessi Flores redesigns the Victms1975 website. The site, launched in April of this year, is relaunched today with a new design. But not just a new design. Flores added new designs, a new administrator and site manager, more lines, and a new supply chain. To do this, Flores took the website into maintenance last month. Orders made before are being processed or refunded.

Flores says “the site was too edgy. It didn’t flow. The site didn’t have the right feel for the cigar community. I eliminated the propain line as it didn’t align with what I was looking for. The phuck cancer line has a bunch of new designs. All the proceeds of the phuck cancer line are for the treatment of my daughter Stephanie.” 

“I started messing around with a new website to make it more efficient. The navigation is also much smoother,” Flores continues. “The new website is cleaner, more aesthetic, more catered to the cigar smokers. With more than 30 new designs. Not limited to cigars only, but there is also beer art. Lovers of cigars and beers will love it. This website is a dream come true, and I thank all the fans and all the people that supported me over the years.”

 New designs

Fellow artist and cigar smoker Neill Wollenberg donated designs for the Phuck Cancer line. Wollenberg and Flores are long time friends. As a father himself, Wollenberg understands how important this cause is for Flores. All proceeds from his designs go towards Stephanie’s healthcare.

Flores also created a line for the sisters of the leaf called SOTL. With more feminine designs on shirts including V-necks. The new site also offers skirts. In all sizes, as Flores said “just like cigar-smoking men, cigar-smoking women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I want to cater to them all.”

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - Jessi Flores redesigns the Victms1975 website.

 The site has over 100+ more items. More cigar designs and more collaborations. Flores is adding more designs and products daily. Less is more isn’t something victms1975 is preaching. “This is about the fun side of the tobacco industry. About big kids, people having fun. I want them to be able to choose from a plethora of designs and products,” Flores explains. “So there are more cigar-related designs, more collaborations, more cigar apparel, and more cigart.”

New supply chain

On the old website, Flores offered all kinds of t-shirts, mugs, masks, and more swag with cigar-related artwork. The supplier of the masks could not keep up with the demand and failed to deliver some orders. Flores refunded everybody and offered discount codes to those affected. With the new supply chain, orders for the international markets are faster than before.

Behind the scenes, more changed. Flores explains “Francis Flores, who worked with me until recently moved on to bigger things. She’s an amazing PR manager and is now working for major companies. I would like to thank her for the amazing work she did for me. We were a great team. Filling her shoes is going to be quite a task. But I have full confidence in Chris Duque. Chris is a true brother of the leaf, or as he says braddah of the leaf. He’s been instrumental in Stephanie’s fundraiser. I love the way he takes care of business.”

The Hawaiian based cigar enthusiast Chris Duque is the new Director of Operations and Customer Relations. He’s also involved in marketing the website. Duque says “Jessi is the creative and artistic mastermind at the helm whose mission is to create original and entertaining artwork. My role is to make sure that the online store runs smoothly as possible and be ready to put our fires if and when they arise. Braddah Jessi and I have one priority when comes to the business and that is customer service is paramount.” 

Chris Duque wearing a Victms1975 face mask

Phuck Cancer

Flores has a 21-year-old daughter, Stephanie Nicole, and she is ill. She needs surgery. As a precaution, 3 small tumors and 1 large tumor will have to be removed from her left kidney. The doctor said that Stephanie Nicole won’t be able to endure chemo if the tumors spread into cancerous cells. The decision if very hard on the family, as Stephanie Nicole is enduring other health issues as well.

Stephanie Nicole has two holes in her heart, a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. She also has hypocalcemia, which means her bones are separating from her spinal cord, wrists, elbows, and knees due to blood deficiency. And she has kidney stones, which may not sound like a severe condition but with the upcoming procedure, it’s a risky addition to Stephanie Nicole’s issues.

All the proceeds of the Phuck Cancer series will go towards her surgery and recovery. Donations are welcome on the gofundme page for Stephanie Nicole. The gofundme link is shared in this article.

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