Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Jessi Flores live art event in Cigaragua. This Saturday, June 29, the legendary Jessi Flores will be at the Cigaragua cigar shop in Amsterdam. He will be sketching on cigar cases live.

The event starts at noon. Flores, who made his fame at Drew Estate but left that company recently, will be at Cigaragua for four hours. In that time, he will be making sketches on Ortez handmade leather cigars cases. Five of the cases have a Cigaragua Sweet Jane theme. The other five are blank canvases. That means, if you buy one, Flores will make a custom design based on your wishes. So for the Dutch cigar aficionados, this is your chance the get a custom piece done by Flores. And see him do it live in front of your eyes.

The ten cases are available for purchase. The price of these unique pieces is €350 each. For that, you are getting a handmade, leather cigar case with a personal piece of Flores art. Jessi’s custom art is also available at the Ortez webshop. If you calculate shipping plus taxes (vat is 19% in The Netherlands) plus the experience of seeing Flores paint your order in person, it’s a fair price.

Ministry of Cigars Jessi Flores live art event in cigaragua
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