Date: January 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Jas Sum Kral releases celebratory cigar. Riste Ristevski started Jas Sum Kral in November 2015, so this coming November brings the 5th anniversary of the brand. And to commemorate that birthday, Jas Sum Kral will release a new cigar. And it’s not the first time, Ristevski picked an unpronounceable Macedonian name: не   за   секого.

According to Ristevski, this blend is his take on the vintage Cuban blends from the 1990s. But, as he wrote in his press release, he wasn’t trying to recreate a Cuban blend with Nicaraguan tobacco. He is just showing the world what blend got him hooked on cigars. Ristevski also wrote that this isn’t a cigar for everyone. And that’s what не   за   секого means, not for everyone.

Now there is a catch, the cigars won’t be released globally. The press release mentioned ‘country of release: unknown, pay attention’ but the artwork that came with the press-release was named ‘not for us’. So, for now, it’s unclear where the cigars will be released. Only the release date of November 2020 is certain.

The cigars were the first cigars to be rolled in the new factory, Tabacalera Aragon. And they have been aging at the factory for two years. The не   за   секого is a 7½x48 Churchill and comes in boxes of 15. Jas Sum Kral did not disclose anything on the blend. Only the #OG9, that came to the first Ristefari event have smoked this cigar so far.

Ministry of Cigars - Jas Sum Kral releases celebratory cigar

Other Jas Sum Kral releases

On Facebook, Ristevski posted a list of cigars that Jas Sum Kral will release in 2020. Those will include a 6×52 cigar called Fuck the FDA. There will be new Nuggs in a 5½x44 size for both the Habano version and the Maduro. Plus a limited edition for both blends in a 7×44 vitola. The Jas Sum Kral Kralot will get two limited editions. One 7×44 size and a 7×56 Solomon. The Facebook post didn’t mention the 6-inch Toothpick 2.0 that was shown on Facebook earlier. That might be one of the shop exclusive projects that Jas Sum Kral is working on as well.

Another highly anticipated release will be the Nuggs Kine Selection. These cigars are related to the Nuggs, as the name suggests. But instead of using CBD, the medicinal part of marijuana, the Nuggs Kine Selection uses the THC. THC is the component of marijuana that makes you high. There will be two blends available. Those are the Nuggs Kine Selection OG San Fernando Calley Kush, with 25mg THC. And the stronger Nuggs Kine Selection Lavender Jones. The last cigar is injected with 50mg of THC. The Nuggs Kine Selection is made in the same way as the regular Jas Sum Kral Nuggs, with the patented procedure.


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