January 2019

Jas Sum Kral heading to the U.K. The British market will get a lot of new cigars. Condega has just been released. Plasencia has been released recently. At the end of the first quarter, the British cigar smokers can expect Cigare 77 and Cornelius & Anthony. And we add Jas Sum Kral to that list.

Boutique Smokes, the company of former U.K. Habano sommelier Mike Choi will start selling the Nicaraguan cigars from brand owner Riste Riatevski. He will sell them when he launches his new website on which we will report later. 

As soon as we found out what lines and vitolas Choi will distribute from the Jas Sum Kral line up, we will report back. Jas Sum Kral currently has the Red Knight, Zlatno Sonce, Crna Nok, and Kralot lines as regular production as well as the Toothpick Habano and Toothpick Maduro.


Ministry of Cigars - Jas Sum Kral heading

Jas Sum Kral

JSK is the baby of Macedonian American Riste Ristevski. After years of smoking almost exclusively Cuban cigars, he got disappointed. Disappointed in the quality of the Cuban cigars in the last few years. Not just the quality of rolling. The declining quality of the tobacco isn’t to his liking either. That’s when Ristevski started to think about creating a brand. He got on a plane to Nicaragua and within a few hours, he created a blend. With the help of master blender and cigar manufacturer Noel Rojas. The Jas Sum Kral Red Knight is born.

With the Jas Sum Kral name, Ristevski honors his ancestry. It is Macedonian and means “I am King”. Other lines from Jas Sum Kral have Macedonian names as well. Unpronounceable for those that are not familiar with the language. With a strong fanbase in the United States, Ristevski is now growing his business internationally as well. With distribution in several European countries and opportunities in Asia. 

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  1. […] Next to Sweden, Germany is the only European country where Jas Sum Kral is represented, yet the United Kingdom will follow soon as reported here. […]

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