January 2020

Jas Sum Kral expands international reach. To Lebanon in the Middle East. And to Australia as well. The Lebanese cigar distributor Cigar Boutique will be responsible for the distribution of the Jas Sum Kral brand in Lebanon. Cigar Boutique isn’t just a distributor, but also owns several retail outlets and lounges in the Middle Eastern country.

According to a press release by Jas Sum Kral owner Riste Ristevski, the complete portfolio of Jas Sum Kral will be available in Lebanon. With the exception of the Nuggs. Lebanese law does not allow CBD products to be imported and sold. But as soon as the legislation changes, Nuggs will be shipped to Lebanon as well.

Jas Sum Kral found a distributor in Australia. Alexandar Angelkov is the new distributor for Jas Sum Kral in Australia. The headquarters of his distribution company is located in Sydney. All sizes of the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight will be distributed. Just as the Kralot. Both of the Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 blends will be available. The Tyrannical Buc will be available in both blends, both sizes.

Ministry of Cigars - Jas Sum Kral Expands

Jas Sum Kral

The Jas Sum Kral brand is the brainchild of Riste Ristevski, a second-generation Macedonian American. As an avid Cuban cigar smoker, he became more and more dissatisfied with the quality of Cuban tobacco and Cuban cigars. So he decided to start a new cigar brand. He named it Jas Sum Kral, which means I am king in his native language. He flew to Nicaragua and started working with Noel Rojas. Rojas owned Tabacalera New Order of the Ages. The first releases of Jas Sum Kral were a success but the quality dropped considerably after factory manager Roniel Aragon left Tabacalera NOA. Ristevski decided to jump ship, called Aragon and together they founded Tabacalera Aragon. And that’s where all the Jas Sum Kral cigars are being made ever since.

We reviewed the Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Habano and Maduro. As well as the Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Habano and Maduro

Cigar Boutique

Cigar Boutique is a cigar distributor and retailer that started importing New World cigars in 2016. And with great success. Their retail outlets can be found at Casino du Liban, Dbaiye, Achrafieh (Beirut), Centro Mall (Jnah), Broumana, and restaurant Backyard-Hazmieh (Beirut).

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