September 2019

Jas Sum Kral Events in Germany. Mid-September, Jas Sum Kral owner Riste Riatevski, is coming to Germany for Intertabac. But while he’s in town he will be present at two different events. On Wednesday 18th of September and Thursday 19th of September, German cigar aficionados can hang out with the outspoken cigar manufacturer.

Ministry of Cigars - Jas Sum Kral Events
Riste Riatevski

Münster and Cologne

The first event will take place in Münster. At Tabak Träber on the 18th of September from 5 pm onwards. Tabak Träber has been a huge supporter of the Jas Sum Kral brand. For a limited time, the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight was sold exclusively through their retail shop and their website. The German Jas Sum Kral importer and distributor, Max Gottwald, used to work at Tabak Träber as a storekeeper.

The second event that Riatevski will be attending is the Big Smoke Cologne. On Thursday the 19th of September, over 300 cigar aficionados will gather there. On the rooftop terrace of a beautiful old water tower. The water tower is converted to a hotel. The rooftop terrace offers a 360-degree view over Cologne. Attendants get a goodie bag with swag and cigars. Those cigars include a fresh rolled Cuban cigar and a cigar exclusive to the Big Smoke Cologne.

Riatevski won’t be the only cigar manufacturer there. Several other brands will be represented as well. Those include Bobby and Drew Newman from J.C. Newman and many more. Tickets are available through this website and cost 69 Euro. The event starts at 7 pm and ends at 11 pm.

Intertabac and a Swedish tour

On the 20th, 21st and 22nd, Riatevski will be walking around the Intertabac trade show. He opted to not have a booth but walk the trade show floor and meet potential international distributors. Any potential distributors that want to talk to Riatevski are invited to drop him an email at After the trade show, the Jas Sum Kral train will leave for Sweden. There will be a few events in the Scandinavian country as well. As soon as the dates and venues are confirmed, Ministry of Cigars will report on those.

Ministry of Cigars - Jas Sum Kral Touched down
Karl Martin Brix Nelson with a box of Jas Sum Kral Toothpicks

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