Date: October 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Jas Sum Kral dropped by Dutch distributor. Last night, Singapore time, we received notification that the Dutch importer & distributor The Longfiller Company is dropping Jas Sum Kral. The current stock will be sold with a discount to retailers. But then Jas Sum Kral won’t be available in The Netherlands anymore. Unless another importer and distributor pick up the brand.

Longfiller Company owner Sasja van Horssen explained that he would stop representing Jas Sum Kral because of the slow growth of the brand on the Dutch market. There are logistical problems in the start-up phase when Jas Sum Kral was still produced at Tabacalera New Order of the Ages. And the fact that owner Riste Riatevski advised European cigar smokers which American shops would send his cigars to Europe, instead of pointing them to the European webshops. But the final straw for Van Horssen was some political comments made by Riatevski. Comments crossed the line for Van Horssen. In Van Horssen’s own words, he had to draw the line somewhere, and therefore he dropped Jas Sum Kral.

Jas Sum Kral

Jas Sum Kral is the baby of Macedonian American Riste Ristevski. After years of smoking almost exclusively Cuban cigars, he got disappointed. Disappointed in the quality of the Cuban cigars in the last few years. Not just the quality of rolling. The declining quality of the tobacco isn’t to his liking either. That’s when Ristevski started to think about creating a brand. He got on a plane to Nicaragua and within a few hours, he created a blend. With the help of master blender and cigar manufacturer Noel Rojas. The Jas Sum Kral Red Knight is born.

With the Jas Sum Kral name, Ristevski honors his ancestry. It is Macedonian and means “I am King”. Other lines from Jas Sum Kral have Macedonian names as well. Unpronounceable for those that are not familiar with the language. With a strong fanbase in the United States, Ristevski is now growing his business internationally as well. With distribution in several European countries and opportunities in Asia. 

Jas Sum Kral’s response

Of course, we reached out to Jas Sum Kral owner Riste Ristevski. Ristevski says he stands behind what he says on social media. If distributors or retailers won’t carry Jas Sum Kral because they disagree with his point of view, then they are free to discontinue the relationship.

4 thoughts on “Jas Sum Kral dropped by Dutch distributor

  1. Thank you very much for your help.

    1. You are welcome Paul.

  2. I need a list of retailers I can buy my favorite cigars from at a discount since you’re selling on the cheap

    1. Contact the distributer, Sasja van Horssen. Ministry of Cigars isn’t selling anything, we are a news outlet, not a webshop.

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