February 2020

J.J. Fox and FOH introduce auction website. This website, www.bondroberts.com will commence online cigar auctions for aged, rare, and vintage Cuban cigars. The website will replace FoHauctions, which was launched a little less than a year ago.

The new platform is a collaboration between J.J. Fox, one of the longest established cigar merchants in the world. The other partner is Friends of Habanos, a well-known forum that enhances consumers’ access to the collectible cigar market. To enhance that access, Friends of Habanos launched an auction website, fohauctions, in the second quarter of 2019. But from March 16 on, that website will redirect to BondRoberts. 

“Bond Roberts combines the history, expertise, and relationships of James J. Fox which has been operating in London since 1787, with the e-commerce expertise, technology, and relationships of Friends of Habanos which, since 1997, has grown to become one of the world’s largest online cigar forums. The project is a combination of our teams in the Southern and Northern hemispheres working together to deliver a new online platform for the 21st Century,” said Rob Ayala from Friends of Habanos.

“Bond Roberts is a 24/7 exchange for aged, rare, and vintage Cuban cigars. It gives cigar collectors market access in a manner not seen previously,” said Rob Fox. “Our vision is to deliver a transparent cigar exchange where technology, oversight, and member participation come together to offer the largest continuous selection of aged, vintage and rare Cuban Cigars to the global market in a secure trading environment. We have met many cigar collectors who want access to vintage, aged or regional edition cigars, either to try or to add to their collections. The concept of Bond Roberts is to provide a trading marketplace to free up bottlenecks in supply and demand, with levels of security and accessibility not possible on other trading platforms”

FOH auctions

From March 16, the FOH auctions website will be defunct. All auctions will take place on the new website. The website promises to be very successful considering the 1100 boxes that were auctioned on FoH Auctions in less than 10 months. The eye-catcher of those 1100 boxes was a box of Cohiba Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003, which sold for 5000 USD.

“While these results are impressive, so too are the numbers of regular aged and rare cigar lots listed and auctioned successfully. Members who have already registered at FOH Auctions will be transferred seamlessly to Bond Roberts. Starting in March 2020, new members will register at BondRoberts.com. Since May 2019, FOH auction members have made over 3000 weekly individual site visits to www.FOHAuctions.com. With BondRoberts.com, we expect our membership and our range of vintage, rare and limited cigars to grow considerably.”

Rob Ayala, Friends of Habanos


Friends of Habanos (FOH) brings cigar lovers from all corners of the world together, be it online or in person. Fraternity, Friendship, Laughter, and Loyalty: these are the very foundations upon which FOH is built. The community was borne out of the love of Cuban cigars but defines itself by how it treats and interacts with its members. FOH was established in 2004 and has over 20,000 global members.

James J. Fox, established 1787, operates cigar stores on London’s St James’s Street, Harrods and Selfridges department stores and on Dublin’s Grafton Street. James J Fox operates full-service cigar stores, with sampling rooms, tasting events and walk-in humidors offering consumers the widest selection of Cuban cigars available on the markets it operates in.

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